Update on Kris Bryant’s service-time grievance

By Thomas Gibbons

Yes, we are still waiting for the MLB’s decision.

According to Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago, he was told two more weeks until we hear the decision on Kris Bryant’s service-time grievance. He said this on Kap and Company on ESPN 1000 Monday morning.

In addition to the decision, Rogers says things could start moving “quickly” after the decision is announced. Whether it is the Cubs trading Bryant or others moves, the Cubs roster could be far from finalized.

We have not heard about Nolan Arenado for a few days. The Houston Astros report has taken over the baseball world as the Astros, Red Sox, and the Mets are scrambling to find new managers before Spring Training kicks off in a few weeks. The latest on Arenado came from Jon Morosi of the MLB network reporting that the St. Louis Cardinals and the Colorado Rockies had exchanged names but there was no momentum toward a deal.

Personally, I am indifferent on the Cubs moving Bryant. The Cubs have offered Bryant a contract in the past and are open to discussions but there has been no real progress. General manager Jed Hoyer said over the weekend at the Cubs convention that they are “pass the point” of extending of where they can extend most of their core players.

So if the Cubs are unable to come to a long-term agreement with Bryant, it makes all the sense in the world to trade and acquire players the Cubs can have for the long haul. There is no doubt Bryant should be a Cub for life given everything he has done for the organization but that dream seems impossible at this point.

The Atlanta Braves are still a realistic landing spot for Bryant. They have top pitching prospects, something the Cubs could use more of. I think they can put together the best package and it gives the Cubs young players to build around.

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