Bears 2020 Starting QB Might Reside on Kansas City’s Roster

By Johnny Hatelak

Forget about Cam Newton, or Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, or Teddy Bridgewater. Definitely forget about Marcus Mariotta or Andy Dalton. For one, they’ll be somewhat costly and likely require multiple year contracts. There is a more cost effective move and that is the Kansas City’s backup who by the way has played well in his starts in place of injured Pat Mahomes.

Acquiring a veteran journeyman Quarterback familiar with the system he’s being added to in itself is not necessarily an innovative move. Especially if it’s to be a backup which is what you ultimately want to happen as Matt Moore will be 36 years old and not a future franchise QB option. He’s a stop gap option at best but one that can be the medicine this ill offense needs to get better. Moore has a one year deal at barely over a million dollars a season and just under a $700,000 cap hit. He won’t cost much more than that. Maybe an extra year of guaranteed money and a mil. or two more, and along with a legitimate QB competition it should be enough to get Moore here in Chicago.

While operating in the same offense the Bears Matt Nagy runs he is 2-1 with a close and very winnable game versus Green Bay in their one loss of the four games and three starts Moore has had. His first start versus Denver was less than spectacular but KC played a similar game plan the Bears did to get a win and that’s play it close to the vest, run the ball and let Denver beat themselves which is what happened in a convincing win. He was just 10-19 for 119 yards a TD and a QB rating of 89.1 which isn’t awful.

In his next two starts though he was very much up to Mahomes standards. In the loss to Green Bay Moore was 24-36 for a 66.7 completion percentage with 2 touchdowns for a 107.1 QB rating and 7.42 yards per pass. In his next start he was 25-35 for 71.4% 275 yards and 1 TD for a 103.9 rating and 7.86 yards per pass average. He’s also not thrown an interception during that time. Imagine if the Bears were getting that type of production from their Quarterback position. Suddenly, you’re 6-2-ish & being talked about as one of the top teams in the NFL instead of being written off in week 9 at 3-5.

Moore will be cheap and will likely require a contract no more than 2 years. At some point you hope most of that time is spent backing up a young QB who is a clear franchise guy that you draft in 2020 or if by some miracle Trubisky finally has the light bulb come on. That puts the Bears QB spot in a better place because if you need to replace your starter for whatever reason you have a guy who can be more than a mentor like Chase Daniel who is severely physically limited.

However, in the meantime Moore would have a legitimate shot to win the QB competition between Trubisky, a draft pick and possibly even a UDFA. When you’re as bad as the Bears have been you must be fixated on repairing that room with worthy NFL talent. I think adding Moore to the mix at minimum betters your depth. While the goal is to improve the starting spot first getting a backup who can start and do well figures to do that by keeping the pressure of performance squarely on the starter. At this point, there should be no handouts. Starts must be earned or the Bears will repeat this cycle of bad offense and be perennial losers and a likely regime change in the not so distant future.