Chicago Bears: Can Allen Robinson reach 1,000 in 2019?

By: Alex Patt

One of the first big moves made the last offseason by GM Ryan Pace was the acquisition of former Jaguars receiver Allen Robinson. The former pro bowler was coming off a season-ending ACL injury in 2017 when he first suited up for the Chicago Bears last season. Robinson recorded four touchdown passes with 754 receiving yards and 55 recorded catches on 94 targets. In terms of yards it was a respectable season, but only four touchdowns for a guy who once had 14 in the 2015 season is a number we want to see increase.

It is hard to be too critical of a guy coming off a major injury, and the talent is still there. This leads to believe he can return to his pro bowl form in 2019. With a full year of playing with Mitch Trubisky and under head coach Matt Nagy under his belt and being physically in great shape, Robinson can potentially take a big step forward.

Now can he reach 1,000+ yards and 14 touchdowns again? There are a few ways to look at it. Talent wise, there is reason to believe and if Trubisky also takes that next step forward then you will see the two connect on passes more. However one thing to keep in mind is the fact that Nagy will be spreading the wealth around so much that it could be hard for one player to really stack up on the stats. He has a whole plethora of weapons for his quarterback to go to. Sure, Robinson is still the number one guy who will probably lead the receiver core in yards and be up there in touchdowns but how the wealth is spread will be different than his Jacksonville days.

Regardless of the numbers, expect the step forward. So far in preseason the two have made some very nice-looking plays. Hopefully the two (Trubisky and Robinson) can build and even better chemistry. Last year there were times where we kind of wondered where Robinson was on big drives and that will chance in 2019.

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