Bears Prospect Profile: Kahale Warring

Kahale Warring – San Diego State – TE: Warring has been getting a lot of love from the draft media community on the heels of an impressive combine performance. Warring is a big target going nearly 6’6″ and weighing in at 252. That tells only part off the tale. His size includes a body sculpted from granite by the football Gods. I think that’s probably a big reason for the love he’s been getting.

It certainly isn’t from his statistical accomplishment. In three seasons at San Diego State he’s amassed a meger 51 receptions for 628 yards and 7 scores. What is giving him notice is his athleticism with that big body of his. His combine scores were eye popping to say the least. He ran a 4.67 40, had a 36.5 vert., 10.5 Broad jump, ran a 7.21 3-cone and had 4.25 Short shuttle. However, with the way he’s rocked up I was disappointed in the 19 reps on the bench press.

He is a new comer to the sport. Before that he was an accomplished athlete in basketball, water polo, cross country, soccer and Tennis. So he moves well with great coordination. That’s where the intrigue comes from. A lump of clay to be molded into a start Tight End.

Some people are putting him in the day 2 conversation which I completely disagree with. Good athlete with size does not mean good football player necessarily. Watching the video he’s a bit clunky. Something you’d expect out of a kid who’s been playing football only since his senior year of high school.

There is quite a bit of development to be done with young Warring. That’s why I wouldn’t touch him until the Mid rounds preferably late rounds to be honest. It doesn’t mean he can’t be good. And with his physique he should be able to play right away. Just means it looks like he may not max out his abilities until he’s a year or two away from his second NFL contract.

As for his game it looks like he’s going to be an inline Y Tight End exclusively. He set up as an H-back a few times but rarely. Mainly ran patterns out of the slot or opposite the Tackles outside shoulder offset. As a pass catcher he’s more advanced as he simply uses his big body and athleticism to snatch passes in traffic high pointing the ball and in stride on Y routes. Shows good concentration and sure hands.

As a blocker he shows the willingness and aggression but poor technique. He often gets spun around and in the video I used I saw a much smaller Defensive Back use his weight against him grabbing his pads and flinging him to the ground. When he is in good position with proper hand placement and balance he can drive his assigned player to block back 3-4 yards in the run game. He’s even more raw as a pass blocker. This is the area he’s going to have to shore up most before he can get consistent snaps in the NFL.

On this GIF Warring runs a pretty precise out route and makes the catch for a first down. Here, you see his fluidity as a type runner and his hands catching the ball away from his frame.

Here, you see the power of Warring driving an opponent off the line of scrimmage in a run blocking assignment.

Here you see Warring’s natural route running ability run an In/flag route for the Touchdown.

Replay of In/flag route for 6.

On the play, you see Earrings understanding of when to start his cut on a quick slant from slot by reading the Defensive backs leverage and depth. You also see him use that big body of his to sheild the ball from the defender for the catch making him a valuable chain moving option.

On this party you see Warring run a wheel route down the Seam for a TD. Here he shows his ability to catch passes in traffic and making him an excellent red zone target.

Replay of the TD.

Here, you can see Warring high point a ball in traffic on a deep out. He would make a great ball out option for Trubisky.

Deep out high point replay.

On this play, you can see Warring’s ball skills on a diving catch for a 1st down.

Warring certainly had a tantalizing ceiling but using their highest pick on an under-developed Tight End on a position far from a necessity an unlikely happening. It would be a reach of epic proportions I do not see the newly picked Sporting News Executive of the Year making.

I do see them using one of their 7th rounders on him if he does land there. I suppose it’s possible the Bears could use their 5th rounder on him but I don’t see it happening. Especially with a project TE the Bears invested a 2nd round pick on actually trading up to get in Adam Sheehan. This is going to be year three for Shaheen the season a Tight End usually ascends in. However, adding another athletic mismatch to a roster starting to accumulate a stable of them with couldn’t hurt in the ascension of Mitch Trubisky among the elite Quarterbacks in the league. After all, that is what this offense is building towards.

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