Pre-Combine Chicago Bears Mock Draft

3rd Round – 87th Overall: Abdurrahman “Rock” Ya-Sin – Cornerback – Temple: I know a lot of you are reading this and saying, who? Where’s the Running Back? Trust me, Ya-Sin is a more than worthy pick at this spot. First thing you start with is his size. He has a 6’1″ 209 lb. Frame chisled from granite with long arms. He uses it well too. Willing in run support and physical on press man with length to use a jarring jam as well as to use for knocking away or picking off contested 50/50 balls.

When watching video of him it’s clear teams try to stay away from his side if possible. Ya-Sin is a shadow to Wide Receivers. The term sticky immediately comes to mind. Once this kid masters his craft he could be really something.

He’s athletic, smart, has great character, physical, fast, quick and long. Needs more coaching as he had just one season in the FBS but he is definitely someone who should be ready as a full time starter his second season in the league. Not really a Nickel profile for Ya-Sin which may be a need for the Bears, but I think he could handle those duties if he was asked to as he has swivels for hips. However, boundary corner is his future and he would be a nice prospect to develop to be Prince Amukamara‘s eventual replacement.

Here, you see Ya-Sin’s ability as a playmaker. Covering one of the best Receivers in the FBS Anthony Johnson. You also see his ball skills and athleticism as he gets high in the air and snatches it out of the sky and goes coast to coast from one end zone to the other for 6 points.

In this next GIF you’ll see his remarkable man cover skills as he drives to the ball to knock it away and nearly picks it off. Once Ya-Sin’s route recognition improves he should take a few of these to pick-6 land.

On this play, he gets his second pick while covering Johnson once again boxing out his man and just going up and getting it. If he develops and maximizes his skills throughout his career he has a chance to be a true shutdown corner. Especially in the red zone versus big red zone receivers.

4th Round – 126th overall: Parris Campbell – Wide Receiver – Ohio State: Campbell is a big play threat at not just the Wide Receiver position but everywhere and anywhere on the football field. Campbell reminds me of Cordarelle Patterson in that way. A versatile athlete who would be a fun toy for Matt Nagy to play with and be that returner that can transform Chris Tabor’s special teams into a top ten unit.

Campbell is underdeveloped as a route runner. He does have the physical capabilities to be a very good route runner but has been used primarily as a fly route receiver and zero route guy. He also ran his fair share of crossing routes. Once he learns the nuances of route running he could be a very dynamic playmaker at the next level.

He does have to be more consistent with his hands. Will make the occasional “What are you doing” drop. But for the most part is fairly reliable. What he does do best is run fast. That in itself is enough to have defensive gameplans wrecked. The Bears would absolutely benefit from adding one of the fastest players in this year’s draft. Imagine all the open space that would leave underneath. It would also open the running game by vacating that extra defender from the box as they’ll need to have a safety deep on his side or it very well may be 6 against you.

Here, you see his big pay ability in the open field as he makes an explosive play out of a simple dump off pass.

On this play, Campbell takes a smoke route to the house displaying his blazing speed.

Here, Campbell shows the toughness and the willingness to go over the middle and stretch out for a high pass even though he knows he’s going to take a shot in the ribs and hauls it in.

5th Round – 162nd Overall: James Williams – Running Back – Washington State: Again, a lot of you may be asking why am I taking this virtual unknown who only rushed for one 100 yard game in his career? Well, I believe Williams has a chance to be Tarik Cohen special as a situational back who can double as a wide receiver at the next level. I feel that’s where his money will be made.

Nagy would get yet another versatile instrument to create sweet music with. A player like Williams was made for a creative offensive mind like Nagy’s to exploit. Williams likely will never be that load back but as I mentioned the Bears offense doesn’t use one. He’s a player that should make the most of his touches a he’s an explosive and dynamic open field threat with amazing hands.

Williams as most college players has limited route tree experience but has more than enough skill to learn every single route known to man and execute them to perfection. This makes Wiiliams a possible part time receiver as well as a back. Kind of in the mold of New England’s James White.

Although Williams is not a big back he isn’t tiny either. At 5’11” 200 lbs. he has enough bulk to take on a pretty decent workload at the next level. He’s also well built and shows the required toughness a back needs to succeed at the pro level. While nowhere near the prototypical power back in a Jordan Howard mold he does show more than enough strength to lower his pads and drive through tackles on short yardage and goal-line situations. Had 12 Touchdowns rushing in 2018 and most were from inside the ten. He also shows a willingness to block and the IQ to identify and pickup blitzers.

In this next GIF Williams shows the ability to lower a shoulder and drive through arm tackles to get to paydirt. Here, picking up a big first down on 4th and 1. He also shows the ability to navigate through tight quarters to angle his way through traffic.

In this GIF Williams shows his cutting ability and agility, spinning while still moving forward to gain extra yardage in the open field and finishing with a Superman dive at the pylon for the score.

Here, Williams shows off his nose for the end zone. On this play, Williams smells six and won’t be denied lowering his shoulders and running over a defender to get into the end zone.

7th Round – 222nd Overall: Brandon Dillon – Tight End – Marian: Dillon could be an even more under the radar Adam Shaheen or even better George Kittle who didn’t get picked until round 5 last year. I suspect Dillon will be more known and talked about on social media once his Pro-Day results are in which should show Amazing athleticism from such a big bodied player. Especially his agility.

He showed off his potential in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl displaying all the traits of an inline Y Tight End as well as a classic move U Tight End. His size and nasty demeanor show out when blocking linebackers in the run game and Edge Defenders in pass pro.

However, his most intriguing trait is in his movement skills and soft sure hands to be a dynamic and sure handed receiver.

In this GIF you can see Dillon’s ability as a dangerous pass catcher on this seam route. You really see his agility and balance as well as tracking skills turning back for a ball while staying in stride. Impressive for such a big man.

Here, Dillon shows his ability to sheild defenders from the ball with his big body and keep his concentration in traffic on the slant route into the end zone. Dillon has the looks of a very natural pass catcher.

On this next GIF you see Dillon’s athleticism and running ability as he weaves through the defense for a score.

7th Round – 238th Overall: Jovante Moffatt – Defensive Back – Middle Tennessee State: Moffatt is a hard hitting Safety/Cornerback hybrid who shows the ability to cause turnovers with bone jarring hits and knocking balls in the air from blasting would be receivers who dare cross his path on a route. Sounds like a nice prospect to develop to take over Adrian Amos’ role should he leave via Free agency

Moffatt brings a ton of versatility the Bears would love. He can play in the box as a run defender, back in coverage as an intimidating hitter for receivers to beware, and as a Blitzer which would fit in well with Chuck Pagano‘s exotic blitz schemes. He also brings positional versatility showing the skills necessary to play everywhere in the secondary.

He would have an instant opportunity to become a year one contributor as a Nickle Back especially as it appears Bryce Callahan won’t be back with the Bears given their tight cap situation. Moffatt can cover big Tight Ends and backs out of the slot matching any athleticism or physicality they would bring. Aside from that he should be an instant contributor on Special Teams in coverage and as a blocker who also has return experience.

In this little cut up you see Moffatt’s ferocious tackling style.

On this GIF you see Moffatt’s ability to close on the ball in coverage and make an aggressive PBU.

On this next GIF you can almost feel the bones reberverate on these two pops in this next cut up.

Conclusion: In typical Pace fashion the Bears have a traitsy draft and draw from the FCS talent pool in the mid and late rounds. Some very explosive athletes Pace is relying on development to have them max out their potential. At a great value in a time they’ll need some. Especially with a thin cap and no money for Free Agents. Expect to see a major focus in college free agents immediately after the draft concludes.

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