Cubs exploring a David Bote trade?

By: Alex Patt

Earlier Sunday a report from Bleacher Nation surfaced saying that the Cubs have explored a trade with the San Diego Padres involving David Bote. The man who came out of nowhere last season made his mark in Cub fandom with his walk-off grand slam against the Nationals last August. He also hit .458/.563/.792 with a 1.354 OPS in the month of July before cooling off towards the end of the season.

He ended the year with a .239/.319/.407 slash and six home runs and 33 RBI in 74 games. As far as this supposed trade talks, who knows if anything will come of it. The Padres have some notable names in the bullpen, but it would probably take more than just Bote to land one of their best guys. But it does bring up an interesting question, should or will he be involved in a trade?

Bote was really a no-name last year in spring training when he played very well, and there were questions if he could possibly be a call-up/filler at some point. His accomplishments have gotten people’s attention before finishing the last two seasons hitting just .198. Fact of the matter is, Bote’s future as an MLB player is unknowns. He may be a solid bench guy, or a flash in the pan guy who does not play much in the majors going forward.

Overall his value may be higher now than it ever will be. He could be used in a potential trade to either get a good return or help clear some salary in a bigger trade. He could be a chip in a package that could bring back a good return. His value alone probably won’t net much, but it is enough to help a trade be made.

Even if this Padres rumor is not going to amount to anything, do not be surprised to see Bote possibly be dangled in some trade talks.


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