New Year, Same Bulls

It’s 2019! New Year’s resolutions are on people’s minds. For the Bulls, there are a few resolutions we are going to make for them and hope they can keep them for the rest of the season.

Trade Jabari Parker

It seems simple enough, but they’ve been paying a guy $20 Million to ride the bench for weeks now, even in blowout team loses. Understandably, it’s going to be hard finding a team wanting to take on Parker’s contract without having to take one a bad one in return. The problem is other teams are wanting the Bulls to be their dumping ground and take on multi-year bad deals.

Even Gar/Pax aren’t this gullible. For the Bulls the get rid of Parker and his contract, it’s going to take creativity and packaging. Yes, they could just wait until the offseason and not pick up his team option for next season and be done with it, but this becomes bigger than just playing time. If the Bulls are truly looking to change their identity and culture with the young players they need to get rid of any negativity from the locker room that might be coming from the riff between Parker, Boylen, and the Front Office.

Open up the Offense

Okay, here’s the problem. A Tom Thibodeau offense has more flare to it than whatever Boylen is drawing up in practice. Hey, first in Push-Up’s as a coach though!

Boylen is working with a young core that has Markkanen, LaVine, and Dunn. Yet, it takes his offense five to seven seconds to get it past half court. Then, if Lopez is on the floor they look to iso him for another seven or eight, and finally hope he can back down his man for a book shot while the young guys stand around. Development in standing around? Good enough for a Boylen offense. If the Bulls have any shot at showing the fans they are going to use their young core, Boylen is going to have to bring in an offensive minded assistant coach to work with these players.

Fire Gar/Pax

It’s said often, it’s said loud, and maybe one day it will happen. The way Gar/Pax are running the Bulls organization has built a toxic culture in which no player wants to be here, and reputable coach from the outside will want to come in and work. It’s hard to believe that a change in the Front Office would be for the worse with the current state, and a lot of the fan frustration stems from the two just having jobs way past when they should have been let go. The Bulls have a new year though, and another chance to turn it into a new organization.

New Year, New Bulls? It’s possible, maybe even probable if they make a few changes. Only time will tell as the rest of the season moves on in 2019, and what a new season will bring in the fall. For now, let’s see if the Bulls can make any of our resolutions for them happen.


WED 1/8 @ Portland

FRI 1/11 @ Golden State

SAT 1/12 @ Utah

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