Time For The Trubisky Angst To Stop

Sometimes watching a game while also on Twitter or even on your favorite Facebook Bears group can be a bit frustrating as it was yesterday. At times I had to check the score to see if I was hallucinating and the Bears were actually losing rather than winning and in command of the game from start to finish.

It would be nice to think Bears fans were sophisticated enough to see the potential in this team and are simply holding the Bears to a higher standard. The truth, however, is they are likely just programmed to expect the worst and are just instinctually ranting about the teams assumed inevitable doom. Although this franchise has not yet earned the higher standard they’d like, the Bears are actually showing significant growth before our very eyes.

In many ways at a much more rapid pace than anticipated. The offense seems to be drawing the most negative commentary particularly the play of 2nd-year Quarterback Mitch Trubisky. This is probably also the effect of instinct as Bears fans are usually well within reason when bitching about the Bears Offense historically speaking. However, this season, it is not reasonable to do so. The Bears are actually 10th in the league in offensive yardage gained with nearly 400 yards a game and 9th in scoring at nearly 28 points a game. This, while only being together for a total of 7 games.

As for the Trubisky angst, that needs to stop. Sure, the Bears are in a familiar offensive spot in 3rd place with just over 137 yards rushing which helps a Quarterback out. However, in this case, Trubisky is helping the running game out as a good portion of those yards are from him. Now, as far as passing yards go the Bears are way down there at 21st, but looking at the real numbers that are true indicators of how well a passing offense is doing the Bears are way up there.

The completion percentage has taken a hit for Trubisky the last two games. The Bears dropped to 17th in completion percentage with a very respectable 64.6 percentage. Not to make excuses for Trubisky but the wind and rain yesterday without a doubt had an effect on his early inaccuracies. However, he does have noticeable work to do on his mechanics which should improve with the advanced familiarity of the offense and seeing how defenses are trying to neutralize it and him.

A lot of it also has to do with the fact Trubisky throws the ball downfield more than most as his yards per pass average might indicate. The Bears presently rank 10th at 7.6.

However, he’s among the top Quarterbacks in the league at yards traveling in the air. According to next-gen stats, there are only 6 Quarterbacks ahead of Trubisky in IAY (average intended air yards) where Trubisky averages 9.2 yards past the line of scrimmage.

Trubisky is tied with Sam Darnold with AGG% (aggressiveness) at 18.8 which indicates throws into tight Windows as determined by having a defender within a yard or less of the intended target. This could be bad too as it may show a Quarterbacks willingness to take unnecessary risk, &/or he not seeing the coverages and maybe going to the wrong guy. However, in film study, you can see it’s mainly him just fitting throws through tight windows out of necessity to make the completion.

As far as standard stats go Trubisky is 14th in QB rating which took a big dip in the last two games but is still at a very good 97.8. He’s also in an 8th place tie in TDs with 15.

Trubisky is right there statistically blow for blow with a lot of the best at his position in his second season and first in a complex offense. Let’s not forget his 3rd offense in 3 consecutive seasons. This isn’t even factoring his playmaking ability with his legs. Oh, and there’s the whole winning thing too. The Bears are 4-3 currently in first place in the NFC North and were in every game this season. Sure, he’s missed throws and should have even better production and maybe a win or two more because of it, but that could be seen as even more optimistic.

With Trubisky, we all knew he had a lot of development ahead when he was drafted. With that being the case one can reasonably assume those missed plays will turn into hits as his career moves along. So there is plenty of room for projection here. He is pretty darn good now and will even get better. To steal a bit from Aaron Rodgers but with a different twist I give you a spelled out word to the fans of Bears nation to heed. P-e-r-s-p-e-c-t-i-v-e! Have it.

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