Should Bears Go All-In For Kahlil Mack?

Are the Oakland Raiders a willing dance partner? I don’t know the answer to that but I’m willing to bet the answer to that question is an emphatic no. How do I arrive at such a confident opinion you ask? Well, I just ask myself…self, would the Bears trade Richard Dent in his prime for two first round picks? Would the Giants trade Lawrence Taylor in his prime for two first’s? How about Kansas City with Derrick Thomas? Hell, you can even throw in a third and a mid rounder too. My answer? No, no, and uh…no. That is essentially what the Raiders would be giving up.

Kahlil Mack isn’t a hall of famer yet, but if he stays healthy there’s nothing going to stop him from eventually getting there. You do not trade away hall of fame players generally, but you especially don’t trade away hall of fame Pass rushing monsters. There are essentially three positions you don’t even entertain trading from if you have a franchise player there. Not for just about any price. If someone offers you what Mike Ditka did when he was in New Orleans or even what Minnesota did for Hershel Walker you have to think long and hard about it. Aside from that you hang up the phone on anyone calling to propose a trade for your stud pass rusher.

Limo driver sources, Twitter hack Incarcerated Bob rumors and Bovada odds aside you have to think Jon Gruden and the Raiders are not stupid enough to trade away Mack because of a holdout. All the leverage is on the Raiders side. They have a first year Head Coach who is a legendary personality with the organization and are far from must win now mode. They also have a very good team and will likely win with or without Mack. Plus, there is no way Mack throws away an entire season of pay while still on his rookie deal. He hasn’t made that generational wealth just yet. He will come back and he’ll likely sign a lucrative deal with the team.

However, if the Raiders lose their minds and actually entertain offers you bet your ass the Bears will be in the mix. History has shown that Pace does not overvalue draft picks. He choses quality over quantity and that is precisely the correct attitude towards looking at the value of draft picks. You use draft picks in hopes of drafting Blue chip players and you increase your odds by drafting as high as possible or trading picks for players who are already blue chippers in their prime as Mack is. So, Bears nation, worry ye not because you can bet your sweet who-ha Ryan Pace and the entire Bears organization would have no problem trading away their next two first rounders for Mack. The only question is would there be another team willing to go to a level so high that it would be silly to outbid on it even for the likes of Mack.

Could you imagine how good this defense would be with the likes of Mack in a Fangio defense? Every single member of that defense would be another level more dangerous because of him. It could be a move that vaults their defense to the very top of the league.




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