Evaluating the 2018 MLB Trade Deadline

(Photo via Sporting News)

The 2018 MLB trade deadline is over, and many moves around baseball have been made. Alex Patt and Thomas Gibbons gives their opinions and thoughts on the moves made by the Cubs, White Sox and rest of baseball.

Q: How would you rate the Chicago Cubs deadline in terms of them filling in needed gaps?

Alex: I would say it was a solid job. The Cubs did not have a lot of assets in terms of prospects to trade, so getting a front-end starter was out of the question. Getting veterans Cole Hamels, Jesse Chavez and Brandon Kintzler helps with pitching depth and could pay off well. If Hamels does not work out great, they did not give up much for him. It was a nice job by Theo and company to not give up a lot to get some pieces in return. 

Thomas: If I’d have to give them a grade, it would be an A-. There was a feeling among the league that the Cubs would check in on the price of guys like Chris Archer and Jacob deGrom, but it was a long shot for the Cubs to land them. Instead, they got premium rental players giving up next to nothing. Cole Hamels is back in the NL which should help his numbers out. Jesse Chavez and Brandon Kintzler solidifying an already impressive bullpen. Once everyone is healthy, the Cubs will be ready to fight for another title. 

Q: What deadline move was the most surprising or unexpected?

Alex: In general, I would say Chris Archer to the Pirates. That team went from sellers to buys in the blink of an eye with their recent winning streak. Certainly did not picture them going after Archer, even just a day or so ago. 

Thomas: I’m going to go with Chris Archer as well. Archer’s name has been thrown around around the deadline and the offseason for over a year now. The deal came together in the final minutes before 4 p.m. EST. The Pirates only find themselves three games out of the final wild card spot and they hope Archer can help them get there and be a staple in the rotation for years to come. 

Q: Should the White Sox have sold off more pieces? Or were they smart to stand pat for the most part?

Alex: There was no veteran pieces to trade outside Joakim Soria. They got a solid return with some minor league prospects, so they did a good job there. Seemed incredibly unlikely they would trade Jose Abreu or Avi Garcia. Just continue developing the kids. 

Thomas: Who else was there to sell off? Abreu or Avi Garcia? Maybe. But those are players the Sox like and it was very likely they were going to keep them around. Soria worked out perfectly for them and I thought their return was quite good. Side note: I think Eloy Jimenez will be on the South Side soon. Sox fan or not, he is going to be fun to watch. 

Q: Did Cubs rivals like the Brewers, Cardinals and Pirates make any moves that are concerning to you?

Alex: The Brewers should have gone for a starter and they did not. Cardinals traded away Tommy Pham, but made no other selling or buying moves of note. Pirates probably made the biggest move of the deadline in the NL Central, which is still weird to say. 

Thomas: The Brewers failed to get a starter so I’m not too concerned there. The Cardinals stay pat besides trading Tommy Pham. And we know what the Pirates did but my concern level is still low, especially in the division race. Cubs are still the elite. Rich get richer. 






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