Interview with White Sox 6th Round Draft Pick Codi Heuer out of Wichita State

I had the great opportunity to interview another White Sox draft pick from the 2018 MLB Draft. Codi Heuer, an RHP from Windsor, Colorado, attended Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins, Colorado. During his baseball career at Fossil Ridge, Heuer was named MVP in 2015, as well as, a senior all-state selection. Heuer went on to play ball at Wichita State University. He had an incredible career with the Shockers and made his debut with the Great Falls Voyagers back in June after being selected by the Sox!


Here’s my interview with Codi:

Q: When did you develop a deep interest in baseball? Did your family influence your interest?

A: I have always had a deep interest in baseball ever since I was a young kid. I would say in high school though the more and more I really studied and learned about the game that my interest really took off. My family was a huge factor in my success in baseball, whether that be from them sacrificing their time and money to get me where I needed to be or my dad spending countless hours outside teaching me the game ever since I was old enough to hold a glove.


Q: Without a doubt, college baseball is on another level compared to high school. How was the transition from playing baseball at Fossil Ridge High School to Wichita State?

A:  My transition from high school to college was a little eye opening in my freshman year. I learned that I couldn’t just over power every hitter in the line-up  and really had to work hard to standout as a college pitcher.


Q: In 2017, you went 2-2 with 38.2 IP, 35K’s and a 4.42 ERA with the Shockers. How did you develop as a pitcher during your time at Wichita?

A: My skill as a pitcher has developed enormously in my time as a shocker. I would attribute a lot of that to our pitching coach Mike Steele as we spent a lot of time together refining my game as a pitcher and he showed me what hard work and embracing the grind of the game was all about.


Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced in your career with the Shockers?

A: The biggest challenge I faced as a shocker would probably be just embracing the process and the ups and downs that come with transitioning into that Friday night role. A lot of different highs and lows can come with the 15 or 16 starts you get throughout a season so you have to be very mature mentally to stay even keel throughout it all.


Q: What was the experience like in your debut with the Great Falls Voyagers?

A: My debut experience was awesome. Throwing up a zero in my first inning was a great feeling and a good start to the season!


Q: Can you expect anything from your future with the White Sox?

A: I can’t really say I can expect anything from the future but I know that I’m going to work as hard as possible and enjoy the process along the way. And in turn hopefully my future with the White Sox will be a long one.


Q: Have you spent any time in the city of Chicago before?

A: I have actually never been to Chicago, so I look forward to my first time experiencing the city!

CH White Sox

Thanks a lot for your time for this interview Codi! Congratulations on your outstanding career at Wichita State and your future in professional baseball. Welcome to the White Sox Organization!




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