My input on the Chicago Bulls 2018 NBA Draft picks and scouting reports

By Phil Duh

The 2018 NBA draft came and went and the Chicago Bulls owned two first round picks, the seventh overall pick, and the 22nd overall pick.

With the number seventh overall pick, the Chicago Bulls select Wendell Carter Jr, from Duke, and Chandler Hutchison with the 22nd pick from Boise State.

I don’t blame Bulls fan who are upset with their lottery selection. The Chicago Bulls were attempting to tank last season and failed miserably. The Bulls failed and didn’t get the top three pick but the bright side, yes Bulls fans there is a bright side.  Yes, they could have selected someone like Michael Porter Jr ,who was projected to be the top three picks this year draft before the injury, but back injuries are no joke and 13 teams passed on him.

With the Chicago Bulls history of injuries, I am not surprise and I don’t blame the Bulls for not taking Porter Jr. Some reports even hint that Porter Jr. may not play at all this season.  Which is why the Bulls went with  the “safe pick”  instead of taking the risk.

Believe it, or not Wendell Carter was basically the best player available by the time the Bulls were on the clock.  Mo Bamba was gone, Mikal Bridges could have been the selection, but the Bulls addressed a need. John Paxson could have traded up but the cost may have been too high. So, the Bulls stand pat and take the best player available at seven in Carter Jr. He is not flashy, but being only 19 means a lot of room for growth. He probably won’t be a superstar but he could make a few all-star appearances when it’s all set, and done.

As for the 22nd overall pick, the Bulls selected Chandler Hutchison. During the NBA combine, Hutchison dropped out of the combine because there were reports he was given a draft promise by the Bulls.

Now, I admit I never watch, nor heard of Hutchison before that report at the combine. But I’ve  watched some highlights to get an idea of his style of play. I never was a big fan of teams making promise to a player that they will be drafted with their picks because once you made the promise you pretty much close down your other options, and you should always keep all your options open.

Hutchison,22, is a 6’7 small forward. Just like Carter Jr., both players do indeed fill needs.  Carter Jr. is the Bulls future starting center to go along with Lauri Markkanen in the front court, and Chandler Hutchison, which is the Bulls only true small forward, could develop into their starting SF.

Here are my scouting reports on Carter Jr. and Hutchison.  I am more familiar with Carter Jr. I am more familiar with Carter Jr. and I did my best for Hutchison.

Wendell Carter Jr.

  • Solid Athlete. not the most athletic big man but good enough
  • High Basketball IQ
  • Great foot work on the post good post up moves, potential stretch five in other words he is versatile offensive skill set for a big man.
  • Good post defender
  • Solid rebounder
  • Rim Protector
  • Explosiveness not evident on film

Chandler Hutchison

  • Good size and length at the wing position
  • Can finish well at the rim
  • Quick first step
  • Has the ability to handle the ball & push in transition
  • Good catch & shoot player

Those are my scouting reports to my knowledge base the game I have watched regarding Carter Jr. and Hutchison. It should be interesting to watch their progression throughout the summer and into the season, especially Carter Jr.’s fit with Markkanen.

I don’t expect two rookies to be starters from day one for the 2018-2019 regular season but I do expect the two rookies to be on the rotation, and possible play off the bench with the second unit for the time being.

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