Bulls Q&A: Draft Edition

With the NBA Draft just days swag, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Workouts have needed and teams draft boards are close to being finalized. And oh yeah, the rumors will be in full force too.

In this article, members of the Windy City Chronicle staff will take part in a Q&A addressing their favorite players and opinions on situations that could happen come Draft night.

Q: Who is your pick for the Chicago Bulls at 7?

Thomas Gibbons: Michael Porter Jr. I know fans are scared off by his back and uncertainty with it, but he is exactly what the Bulls need. A 6-10, athletic, explosive kid who can play multiple positions and make an impact on both ends of the floor. Porter Jr is exactly the type of player John Paxson described at the end of season press conference. If he falls to seven, the Bulls should be racing to the podium.

Johnny Hatelak: Trae Young is my top choice. He brings two things the Bulls definitely need. A pure scorer with insane range and someone who can handle the ball and get their own shot without the assistance of scheme. Mohamed Bamba is my #2 choice if he falls and Young is gone by than.

Brennen McMann: My pick for the Bulls at number 7 is Trae Young.

Jovanny Santiago: My pick is Michael Porter Jr. I can see how great he can be for the Bulls organization. Besides Marvin Bagley, Michael Porter is my favorite player in this draft. He can do it all on offense, and I can’t wait to see him wear a Chicago Bulls hat on draft night.

Robert Weihofen: I like Mikal Bridges here, even though I see a lot disagreeing about the pick. Right now, I feel he gives the Bulls the best option to plug into the starting five right away and have an impact. He has the ability to spread the floor, and give guys like LaVine and Markkanen more open looks.

Alex Patt: I would really like Mohamed Bamba, but I have a feeling he will be taken by 7. If he is available, he would be my guy. If not, then Michael Porter Jr. seems like a decent fit.

Q: It has been reported that the Mavericks are looking to trade down from No.5. They want to be back in the playoff mix next season and the Bulls have some ammo to move up. What would you offer to the Mavericks?

TG: I’d start with the 7th pick and Bobby Portis. Portis is a big man many teams would like to have and if this report is true, he will be a solid piece to a playoff team.

We know the Bulls like to move on Draft night. This one makes a lot of sense because the Bulls may have to trade up if they are in love with Porter Jr. or Mo Bamba. I’d say watch for this pick swap on draft night.

JH: My trade idea might be drastic and controversial and many won’t like it but I would offer Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn & the 2nd first round pick for Wesley Mathews and the 5th overall pick. If that didn’t do it I’d throw in 2020’s first round pick to sweeten the pot. Than I draft the best two who’s available out of this bunch of players in Young, Marvin Bagley, Bamba, Wendell Carter, Luka Doncic, or Jaren Jackson jr and find a way to make it work. Maybe sign a vet on a short deal like Rajon Rondo maybe, to facilitate the ball to these guys and replace the defense you lose from Dunn. Of course, Dallas would have to be good with a sign and trade for Lavine.

BM:  If I were to trade up to number 5 with the Mavs it would take a good amount. I’m thinking the 7th and Bobby Portis or a combo of the 7th, 22nd and a player like Lopez or Holiday.

JS:  I would offer Bobby Portis, 22nd Pick and a Future 1st rounder (2020) to them in exchange for their 5th pick & big contract of theirs, maybe take Wesley Mathews or Harrison Barnes off their hands.

RW: If I am the Bulls, I am offering the 7th, Bobby Portis, and future second round pick. Moving up two sports to me does not merit giving away more of your future with another first round pick.

AP: Bobby Portis and Robin Lopez are probably the guys I would start with. Portis is young enough where he could could draw some interest and Lopez is a solid veteran who can be valuable to a playoff team. Would also be willing to throw in the 7th and 22nd pick. Not sure I would do much more than a player and two picks.

Q: A report surfaced on Wednesday from KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune that there is speculation that the Bulls would trade Bobby Portis and No. 7 if they wanted to move up. Are you ok with trading Portis after a breakout season?

TG: While Portis played really well, he’s not untouchable. If the Bulls have the opportunity to move up and a team wants Portis, I think a deal will get done. Portis playa with a lot of heart and improved many areas of his game in Chicago. But he’s replaceable and if he’s a piece that needs to be moved to draft Bamba or Porter, go for it.

JH: Yes! Portis is far from untradeable. Of course it depends what you get back as that is a high price. I’d need more unless it was the first overall and Ayton was served to me on a silver platter which I highly doubt would happen. Maybe this season’s and next season’s first? Otherwise I don’t see a huge gap in talent from 2-7 factoring Portis as well.

BM: I hate the idea of moving Portis. He’s the Bulls 6th man off the bench. He’s a very valuable stretch 4 who brings a nasty attitude and has improved every single year.

JS: Yes I would move him if it means we can land a franchise player. What is stopping the Bulls from going after him in free agency next summer? Portis is a nice player and it gives the Bulls some ammo to move up if they want to.

RW: It’s tough, because his behavior will always come up after what happened with Mirotic, but you also are seeing the emergence of what could be a great bench asset. Long run, I think the Bulls could find someone who can fill his role, so I would be okay with seeing him go in a trade if it means we get a potential All-Star with the 5th pick.

AP: Yes. Portis is a valuable bench/depth guy no doubt, but I would be willing to part with him if it meant getting an essential guy for the future in round one.

Q: There will be some intriguing prospects at the end of the first round. Who would you like the Bulls to pick?

TG: Chandler Hutchison, Loonie Walker, and Motitz Wagner come to mind. After the report that Hutchison was given a “draft promise” from the Bulls, I went to the tape and saw what I liked. He attack’s the basket while being efficient from the outside. His rebound numbers are also very good. Walker is very athletic and will be a force on both ends of the floor. Lastly, Wagner was a star during the NCAA tournament. The Bulls could use another big with Robin Lopez’s contract expiring after the season and especially if Portis is moved.

JH: Big fan of Moritz Wagner. Some real good Wings out there too especially at Shooting guard. A nice combo guard like Lonnie Walker would be nice if he drops as doubtful as that is. Perhaps a Gary Trent jr. Maybe a Kevin Huerter who ironically enough comps favorably to Fred Hoiberg as a player. Troy Brown I like a lot. Great athlete who plays well on both sides of the court. He also brings positional versatility as he can play both Guard spots and the 3.

BM:  I like Chandler Hutchinson, Khryi Thomas, or Donte Divincenzo for the 22nd pick.

JS: Chandler Hutchison is very intriguing prospect. He’s a sharp shooter and an efficient rebounder too. He would play great in Fred Hoiberg’s offense, and become a great rotation player for the Bulls.

RW: Chandler Hutchinson or Donte Divincenzo is who I would be looking at if I am the Bulls. Both are still rough around the edges, but could end up like a Bobby Portis type  after a bit of grooming to give that spark off the bench.

AP: Don’t know that much about him, but Chandler Hutchinson seems intriguing.

Q: Lastly, are you confident enough in Kris Dunn where the Bulls do not need to draft a point guard?

TG: I am very confident in Kris Dunn. It was too bad he missed so many games last season but in the time he did play, his defensive effort stood out with a growing offensive game. His turnovers was an issue but it got better as the season went on. Now it’s about that next step in being a leader and making other around him better. I’m excited to watch his improvement this season.

JH: I am fine with Dunn. Think he can develop into a good facilitator. Maybe a good comp for him if he maxes out is Rajon Rondo. Pretty slick around the basket. Not a good shooter and likely won’t be. Defends tough and physical. He should develop as a good Quarterback of the Hoiball offense. He is not irreplaceable however. At this point he may be better as a backup/small lineup 2 and defensive replacement type. He could be very valuable as a Swiss army knife/situational piece.

BM: I am pretty confident in Dunn. I like him a lot, but adding a player like Young, who has All-star written all over him, wouldn’t hurt. The Bulls would have a very dynamic small ball line up.

JS: I have tons of confidence in Kris Dunn. He was my favorite PG in the 2016 Draft, and I was hoping the bulls somehow got him. A year later we land him in the Jimmy Butler trade and I was a very happy Bulls fan. He’s going to be great this season and beyond.

RW: I believe in Dunn. He showed a lot last season after coming off just about as bad of a rookie season as you can for a fifth overall pick. This past season he showed why the Timberwolves drafted him that high, and I think he still hasn’t reached his ceiling as an NBA Point Guard. Aside from what has been rumored about the Bulls not liking his off-season workout routines, which John Paxson had denied, I think he is a good fit for the Bulls moving forward.

AP: Not ready to give up on him yet. A full season with little to no injury should bring a lot of entertainment to Bulls fans.

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