Successful Kevin White Comeback Could Propel Bears Into NFL’s Top Receiving Group

If we are to believe all the accolades to be true and coming from an honest place Kevin White is heading towards a huge season and perhaps one of the NFL’s best ever comeback stories in it’s long and illustrious history. That in itself would be quite a statement considering all the incredible comeback stories this league has seen through the years. Hell, this season alone there’ll be competition for comeback player of the year with the likes of Julian Edelman, J.J. Watt, Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz among many others coming back from season ending injuries.

However, if White puts up the numbers you’d expect from a number seven overall pick after three straight seasons since being drafted ending in season ending injuries that had him appear in just 5 games overall out of a possible 48 he would win in a landslide. Likely, followed by future documentaries by ESPN, NFL Network, HBO and whatever other production studio who specialize in sports, history, and celebrity docs. This would also be a big turnaround between his relationship with the Bears fan base who don’t just doubt him, but in many cases post vitriol laced social media comments, Memes and Gifs as if White broke those bones just to make them unhappy.

As mentioned White is getting tons of praise heaped on him from players and coaches alike. From Matt Nagy to Mike Furrey, and Kyle Fuller to Mitch Trubisky. They all say the same things. How hard he’s working, How good his attitude is, How explosive and fast he looks, How his route running is much improved, etc. In early June you take these preseason stories with a grain of salt, but there seems to be something about this particular one that appears to have more merit than most others.

The hope is that White will pretty much turn into Allen Robinson. Imagine having two of those guys on the same roster. There was a time you hoped you’d be getting Julio Jones but after two broken legs in the last three seasons it’s hard to imagine he’ll return to his 4.3 speed. Probably will be more like in Robinson’s range of 4.6. Still doesn’t mean he won’t stretch the field. Robinson led the league in deep targets caught in 15′ according to PFF. As a matter of fact, the 672 yards he compiled in 2015 of accumulated 20+ yard receptions was the most they had ever recorded since their inception. White still has the athleticism to go up in the air and haul in 50/50 balls using his ability to contort himself and timed high pointing grabs in the air as well as using his big strong body and hands. He can also win with slick route running as Robinson does to gain separation and by all accounts he’s running much better routes than in the past.

The other thing that makes this more believable is the offense he’ll be in and the coaching he now has helping scheme him open as well as all the weapons that will be on the field with him. One has to believe that Defensive Coordinators won’t be spending a whole lot of time game planning for him early on. That along with Robinson likely being eased in slowly should get White a lot more targets his way. He has a chance to take advantage of a golden opportunity to Announce his presence to the league and to a doubting fan base in a very big way!




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