I’m really excited for Anthony Miller

By: Jovanny Santiago

Anthony Miller is going to be a superstar and Bears fans cannot wait for him to take the field.

Miller was a walk-on at the University of Memphis in 2015 and posted very solid numbers as a sophomore. He had 47 receptions with 694 yards & 8 touchdowns. In 2016, Miller posted for 95 receptions, 1434 yards & 14 touchdowns. Pretty impressive.

He had a very good game vs Southeast Missouri State in 2016 where he had 9 Receptions for 103 yards. The standout wideout also had another one of those games vs Mississippi, having 10 receptions for 132 yards.

As a Senior, Miller had 96 Receptions with 1462 yards & 18 touchdowns. His best two performances, in my opinion,  were vs. UCLA and Connecticut.

In the game against UCLA, he had 9 Receptions for 185 and 2 touchdowns. Those Defensive backs had an extremely hard time stopping him. It was really fun to watch.

Going into the combine, Anthony posted a 5.79 combine rating (chance to become an NFL starter) to go along with 22 bench reps. It was a very impressive showing and propelled him up some draft boards.

In the NFL draft, the Chicago Bears caught a lot of people by surprised when they traded up for Miller. But the Bears needed wide receivers and they got the guy they wanted. Yes they signed Allen Robinson & Taylor Gabriel but they needed a young wide receiver to add to the group. Adding his speed to a very good wide receiver core makes things great for Mitchell Trbuisky and the offense.

Trubisky is a going to enjoy having Allen Robinson, Anthony Miller & Taylor Gabriel as his primary targets.Coach Matt Nagy is going to put Miller in great situations this season. He’s going to be a nightmare this season and for years to come. Watch out NFC North because Miller is going to give you nightmares!


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