Full Court Bulls: Mock Draft 2.0

It’s time for a full First Round Mock Draft. You ready? Here we go:

  1. Phoenix Suns: Deandre Ayton, Center. Arizona

Ayton is the consensus number one pick, and it’s hard to see the Suns passing on a new franchise player. Not much else to say on what should be a cut and dry pick for them.

2. Sacramento Kings: Luka Doncic, Guard. Real Madrid

It’s hard to peg what the Kings will do these days, but Doncic is the best international player on the board. He will be viewed as higher risk, but I see the Kings taking a reach to help them in any way right now.

3. Atlanta Hawks: Jaren Jackson Jr. Center. Michigan State

Jackson Jr, has been climbing the boards the past few weeks, and finds a new home in Atlanta. While Bagley and Bamba still on the board, it could be a toss up come draft night. His potential on both ends of the floor make him appealing for a Hawks team looking for a wave of youth.

4. Memphis Grizzlies: Marvin Bagley III, Forward/Center. Duke

Despite his defensive woes, Bagley is an offensive machine. He should be able to give them help from day one, and given a few years in the league he could average a double-double.

5. Dallas Mavericks: Mohamed Bamba, Center. Texas

Bamba has shot up the boards since the combine ended. As an already established defender, he could become elite on that end of the floor. He also shows great upside on the offensive end, averaging 12.5 PPG in college.

6. Orlando Magic: Wendell Cater, Center. Duke

Orlando has been looking for a franchise player since Dwight Howard. They get lucky and see Carter slip to them at six, and finally find their franchise player to build around.

7. Chicago Bulls: Mikal Bridges, Small Forward. Villanova

I see a lot of Trae Young and Michael Porter Jr. talk at this pick. But Bridges is the best pick and has the best upside to help the other young players. This will be one of the most interesting spots to watch come draft night.

8. Cleveland Cavaliers (Via Nets): Trae Young, Guard. Oklahoma

Young fits into the Cavs system right away, with or without LeBron. His only downside is his potential upside, as he fell off hard the last third of his freshman year at Oklahoma.

9. New York Knicks: Michael Porter Jr. Small Forward. Missouri

Porter Jr. finds a home in New York, and will be criticized from this time on for now playing in college due to injuries. He has some great upside, but a lot of unknowns due to the injury that sidelined him for almost his entire one year of college ball.

10. Philadelphia 76ers (Via Lakers): Collin Sexton, Point Guard, Alabama.

Weird choice with Simmons right? Not really, they have a deep bench of big-men and could use some solid guards to play with Simmons. Moving Simmons to Shooting Guard or having Sexton has a 6th man would make the 76ers that more dangerous after their breakout year.

11. Charlotte Hornets: Miles Bridges, Forward. Michigan State

Hornets are looking to make some big changes within the entire organization. The new face of Bridges kicks it off on draft night for them.

12. Los Angles Clippers (Via Pistons): Kevin Knox, Forward. Kentucky

Back-to-back picks. Clippers have a chance to turn it around now Blake Griffin is gone. What better way to do so then taking teammates with the 12th and 13th overall picks?

13. Los Angles Clippers: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Point Guard. Kentucky

Here is the back end of the back-to-back pick. Smart move for the Clippers to swing this on draft night.

14. Denver Nuggets: Robert Williams, Center. Texas A&M.

Williams got a lot of heat for skipping the combine, but that doesn’t take away from his great athletic nature. He is not an immediate help option for the Nuggets at this pick, but those are going to be few a far between from this point on in the draft.

15. Washington Wizards: Lonnie Walker, Shooting Guard. Miami

Cap space will haunt the Wizards in the coming year. They are going to need a player who can contribute and not demand a large salary after their rookie contract. Walker can be that man, having solid bench and possible sixth man potential down the road.

16. Phoenix Suns (Via Heat): Zhaire Smith, Shooting Guard. Texas Tech

Smith is one of the most underrated guards in the draft, but also has the highest star or bust potential on the board. If the Suns are patient with him, they could have just turned the franchise around in one night.

17. Milwaukee Bucks: Aaron Holiday, Point Guard. UCLA

Another team that could face cap troubles need a reason for Parker and the Greek Freak to stay without costing them two star players. Holiday can be another solid bench player to add and keep the stars happy as they help with a run for a championship.

18. San Antonio Spurs: Kevin Huerter, Shooting Guard. Maryland

Huerter stole the show at the combine for the unknowns. His stock rose after a great day one, and he all but assured himself a first round pick on day two. He fits the Pop mold of the Spurs.

19. Atlanta Hawks (Via Timberwolves): Anfernee Simons, Guard. IMG Academy

A great athlete, but never having played college ball could cause his stock to fall. The Hawks need young dynamic players, and Simons gives them just that at this pick. His unknowns cause him to slip on draft night.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves (Via Thunder):  Donte DiVincenzo, Guard. Villanova

A player who knows how to work with others around him is what gets him into the first round. His defense could use some polishing, and we all know he will get that in Minnesota.

21. Utah Jazz: Troy Brown, Small Forward. Oregon

Brown fits well into the style Utah likes to run. He can move the ball around the perimeter, and with some coaching and work on his own scoring ability he could be a sleeper at 21.

22. Chicago Bulls (Via Hornets): Chandler Hutchison, Power Forward. Boise State

He fits the mold of the Bulls taking, on average, older, ready to plug and go college players. He has great upside, and his big downside was playing in a “lesser” basketball conference in college.

23. Indiana Pacers: Dzanan Musa, Small Forward. KK Cedevita

The second best international prospect in the daft gets passed over a lot for proven college players. The best part of this pick for the Pacers is they can choose to keep him overseas if they deem he needs to develop another year, or cap issues arise.

24. Portland Trail Blazers: Jontay Porter, Forward/Center. Missouri

Porter wants first round assurances in this draft. He can get them, but in the late rounds. This does not take away from his talent or upside, it’s just a very tough draft to climb in. He could be one of the better late first round selections on draft night.

25. Los Angles Lakers: Mitchell Robinson, Center. Chalmette (L.A.) High School

A weird and strange road has lead Robinson to the NBA draft. Leaving Western Kentucky, backing out of the combine, and his overall off court decisions. This does not take away from his monster high school numbers, and his natural ability. He could shine bright in L.A. after getting back into game shape and rhythm.

26. Philadephia 76ers (Via Cavaliers): De’Anthony Melton, Guard. USC

A defensive monster, he can create problems for opposing players all night long. Downside, he has his own offensive woes. A player that could be used in shutdown situations is what the 76ers could use at this point, and why this pick works.

27. Boston Celtics: Bruce Brown, Guard. Miami

A foot injury ended his season early, but still impressed enough to lock in a late first round pick. A few holes in his game like the jumper need work, but overall he is one of the better well-rounded prospect in the draft.

28. Golden State Warriors: Jalen Brunson, Point Guard. Villanova

Do the Warriors need more power? Brunson was key to the Wildcats National Title, and has one of the most natural feels for the game in the draft. He provides more to an already deep team.

29. Brooklyn Nets: Jerome Robinson, Guard. Boston College

He was the ACC’s top scoring guard, and has nice size for his position. Skipping the combine didn’t hurt him, but it didn’t help him either. If he isn’t taken here, look for him to be swooped up early second round.

30. Atlanta Hawks (Via Rockets): Melvin Frazier, Guard/Forward. Tulane

Another player who rose thanks to day two was Frazier. He could be able to guard just about anyone in the league if he works at it, and has some places of his game that need polishing but a great pick up for the Hawks to close out the first round.

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