NBA Lottery mock draft 1.0

It’s that time of year again, NBA Mock Draft season. In this post, we will look at the Lottery Picks based off Percentage each to get the Number One overall pick.

  1. Phoenix Suns: DeAndre Ayton, Center

The Suns need a franchise player, and they will get their pick this year. Ayton gives them the best bet, and a unique big man for today’s NBA.

2. Memphis Grizzles: Jaren Jackson Jr, Power Forward

I get it, big names are left on the board, but this is just a smart and safe pick for them. For a Grizzles team that hasn’t been the best at drafting the past few years, it works out.

3. Dallas Mavericks: Luka Doncic, Shooting Guard

The Mavericks would love Ayton, like most teams, but I doubt he falls to the. International picks can always be risky this high in the draft, but he is going to be the best player for them at this pick.

4. Atlanta Hawks: Marvin Bagley III, Power Forward

Defensive woes aside, Bagley is one of the best pure athletes in this draft class. He can stretch the floor and be a high flyer all in one. The Hawks are looking for a new identity and Bagley can give it to them.

5. Orlando Magic: Michael Porter Jr, Power Forward

The Magic have not found any success since Dwight Howard left the franchise. Porter Jr gives them some direction. Baring they don’t trade him away like they did with Oladipo.

6. Chicago Bulls: Mikal Bridges, Small Forward

I know, Trae Young and Wendell Carter are still on the board, but Bridges is the best player for the Bulls here. He adds to an already growing young core, and can give Hoiberg more players to stretch the floor.

7. Sacramento Kings: Wendell Carter, Power Forward

Kings go best player available at this point, Wendell Carter. Maybe they hope he will be Cousins 2.0 for them.

8. Cleveland Cavaliers (Via Brooklyn): Trae Young, Point Guard

Young falls because of his end of the season woes, but it is too good for the Cavaliers to pass up. LeBron speculation aside, he makes the team better from day one.

9. New York Knicks: Mohamed Bamba, Center

Someone has to help Porzingis, and with Bamba the Knicks would own the inside game and glass. Smart pick to help recover from Phil Jackson.

10. Philadelphia 76ers (Via Lakers): Collin Sexton, Point Guard

Trust the process, bring in a young guard to help or replace Reddick. All falling into place for Philly.

11. Charlotte Hornets: Kevin Knox, Small Forward

Hornets are going to look for the best player at this point and it becomes a toss-up between Knox and Miles Bridges, but they lean towards Knox.

12. L.A. Clippers (Via Detroit): Miles Bridges

They take Bridges or Knox, whoever the Hornets don’t take here.

13. L.A. Clippers: Zhaire Smith, Shooting Guard

The Clippers have a chance to re-tool with back to back lottery picks. Smith was a underrated player in college, but has a solid NBA future ahead of him.

14. Denver Nuggets: Robert Williams, Center

The Nuggets land the second best Center in the draft. Long, lengthy, and athletic big men are rare as a true center, but Williams gives them all of that and more.

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