Would you welcome a Derrick Rose homecoming?

Everyone loves a feel-good story. A homecoming can be special.

June 22, 2016, the Chicago Bulls decided to go in a different direction. As Gar Forman put it, “[T]hrough injuries and age, we felt that the window was coming to a close.” He was not wrong. Both Rose and Joakim Noah, two of the leaders of the playoff-run teams, were banged up and aging. Tom Thibodeau, the 2011 coach of the year, was dismissed following the 2015 campaign after losing to the Cavaliers in the playoffs.

This trade also coined the phrase “younger and more athletic” from Forman, and signing Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade last season was the complete opposite of that.

Now, two years later, Derrick Rose is significant in the NBA again. After bumpy stinks with the New York Knicks and the Cleveland Cavilers, he has landed in Minnesota and has been a boost for the Timberwolves off the bench in their first round series. How many times have we heard “Vintage Derrick Rose” from the ESPN or TNT announcers? A lot.

Rose is displaying his speed and is attacking the basket, the part of his game that made him great. He is averaging 14.8 points per game in the Timberwolves four playoff games.

Along with many others, I am glad to see Rose succeeding. After everything he has been through, he is performing on a national stage and proving he still has plenty left in the tank. And to no prevail, his playoff performance has brought out the question from many folks: Should the Bulls bring Rose back?

I ran a poll on Twitter last night and here are the results: 

There is still a lot of love for Rose, especially in Chicago. One person replied saying, “I’d cry tears of joy.” Think many would follow.

I never saw Jordan. I was too young to remember watching Ben Gordon every night, even though I was watching and going to the United Center since I was six years old. But Rose, he has been the greatest Bull I have seen to date. While I could not say I was in complete shock when the Bulls traded him, one of my favorite players in Chicago sports had left the city. The Windy City Assassin was just a blast from the past.

So should the Bulls bring him back? It would be hard for me to be against it. I am still a big fan of Rose and when I think about a possible reunion, I cannot find myself saying no. Rose may be useful. He looks to have his feet under him and is showing extreme confidence in his game. I know he does not fit the plan the Bulls are going for, but if the price was right, there would be plenty of excitement on Madison Street.

When Rose dunked on Dragic, the world shook. The game winning step-back jumper in Milwaukee will always be one of my favorite moments. The starting lineup and the call from Tommy Edwards gave you chills every time. It was a fun time to be a Bulls fan and the memories will always be there. So what do you say, wouldn’t you love to see Rose in a Bulls jersey again?

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