2018 NFL Draft Sleeper Spotlight: WR Jonah Trinnaman

Trinnaman can be best described as an athletic freak. Now, that term is thrown out a little bit too often to where it’s descriptive effectiveness has been diluted some because of the overuse. I mean all of these guys are really athletic freaks aren’t they? You kind of have to be special enough athletically to separate yourself from the common man, don’t you? Even if you’re the very last guy on the roster of the worst roster in the league. Be it great size, strength, speed, quickness, whatever. There is a separating factor from you &/or I. Well in Trinnaman’s case the term athletic freak is not at all misused hyperbole.

Anytime you come within 4″ of setting a world record (as Trinnaman did at his pro day with his 12′ Broad Jump) I think the term athletic freak is very much appropriate in describing his athletic abilities.

You can also describe his athleticism as explosive. The broad jump isn’t all he impressed with. He ran a 4.31 40, jumped a 40.5″ vertical, benched 14 reps, with a blistering 1.49 10-yard and equally as impressive 20-yard time of 2.50. So he isn’t just all about long speed. He gets there quickly. The one anomaly was his 3-cone which may show a little stiffness which could hinder him in his route running.

I’m going to probably go with he just had a bad test on that one as the rest of it doesn’t fit with “stiff athlete.” His 3-cone was only 6.96 which isn’t a terrible score but for his athleticism, it’s kind of an underperformance. To put it in perspective the 5’10” 192 lb Trinnaman was bested by the 6’3″ 255 lb Harold Landry by nearly a tenth of a second with a 6.88 score.

This isn’t just some exercise in simply looking down at the bottom of rankings and trying to find some gem based on athletic ability and achievement from grueling research and evaluation as is often the case in sleeper pieces such as this one. There is an actual tie-in with the Bears. They met with him twice. Once at the pro bowl with a dinner meeting and they also scheduled him for one of their 32 allocated private meetings. So there is definite interest in him by the Bears. Don’t be surprised if he’s quickly signed the minute the draft ends as one of their UDFA signings.

Full disclosure, it was hard as hell to find any game video of this guy other than game highlights of BYU so if you want to do more of a deep dive go ahead and watch a few BYU games. His number is 84. However, I’ll post these two. One of his first game with BYU highlighting 6 catches and the other a 2017 BYU highlight video. From these two what I’ve gleamed scouting wise is he seems to have natural hands. The ball is away from his body so throws don’t bounce off his body or pads. I saw him run a go, an in, a slant, a quick out, a curl and a zero route so his route tree is a little more diversified than I’d expected, but still nothing that vast. BYU has a hybrid offensive scheme of pro-style and spread elements so there are concepts that should carry over to the Bears spread/pro system.

Trinnaman is a total projection player. He is a JUCO transfer with a total of 52 receptions, 626 yards for a 12.0 average and 1 TD in two seasons with BYU. This is another one of those deals where he didn’t get a chance because college coaches get paid to win not develop players. So he could very well be a better pro as the NFL has the time and wherewithal to invest in a players development. He’ll have to win a job on special teams if he wants to make the roster but the likely scenario is he gets a practice squad spot and gets developed. Fortunately, he was a core special teamer for BYU and has experience there as a returner and a gunner so he may have a chance at a roster spot if he wows the coaching staff. It’s why he’s going to likely go undrafted and the Bears will have to be quick on the ball to secure his services as he has enough ability to garner enough interest around the league to compete for his services.

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