Full-Court Bulls: The future of Paul Zipser and Cristiano Felicio

The Bulls made a small splash today, signing Guard Sean Kilpatrick to a Three-Year, $6.2 Million Dollar deal. He is just another piece added to a team of “what will they be” once the season comes to an end in Chicago. Two other players that will on that list are Paul Zipser and Cristiano Felicio.

For Kilpatrick, it isn’t seen as much of a long-term value move for team, though he has averaged 10 PPG off the bench in his career. It is more viewed as a way for the team to reach the salary cap floor for this season, and could hold him on retainer the next few seasons to help reach that as well. A bench player who has been on six teams in a short NBA career to date. He could bring some bench scoring to a team that has struggles with consistency night in and night out.

Forward Paul Zipser got hot in garbage time at the end of last season, and the Bulls looked for him to live up to the 2nd round draft choice they spent on him. We have not seen him live up to that contract hype the Bulls put around such a lucrative rookie deal. In just over 15 minutes a game, he is averaging 4.0 PPG and 2.4 RPG. Not numbers the Front Office wanted to see out of what they considered a prized young player. On the upside, 2018  is non-guaranteed if he is waived on or before July 18th. It gives the Bulls some opportunity to either work on a restructure or flat out get him off the books. What is comes down to now is if the Bulls are willing to eat his contract for the next few seasons to get to the Cap Floor, or get rid of him to open that space up to bring in better talent around the young core. If he is not waived by July 8th the contract becomes fully guaranteed for next season.

The same can be said for Cristiano Felicio, who is considered even a bigger blunder of a contract after just one season. He signed a Four-year, $32 Million Dollar deal, all for 5.3 PPG, 3.6 RPG in just over 16 minutes per game this season. When you break down those numbers, it does not look good for the Bulls. It’s a large contract for them to take off the books with no other man getting paid much more then him, besides Lopez. He is a guy they will most likely keep around just to reach the Cap floor.

Three guys, not great trade value players, but guys that can eat minutes and reach the Salary Cap floor. Long term they are not fitting into the plan of a rebuild, but short term they can help get them team there.

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