Could a Bull win the 3-point contest next year?

Devin Booker set an 3 point contest record with a score of 28 in the final round of Saturday’s event. Just 21 years old, Booker made the All-rookie team two years ago and is averaging 24.2 point per game this season. Amazing.

So who will dethrone Booker next All-Star weekend? I have some names in mind.

Lauri Markkanen made multiple appearances at the NBA famous weekend at the Staples Center. On Friday, he and teammate Kris Dunn competed in the Rising Stars challenge, which is the top “rookies and sophomores” in the NBA. Next, Markkanen participated in the Taco Bell Skills Challenge. He advanced to the final round, but fell to Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Nets, a former Bull.

It’s quite amazing Markkanen took part in Los Angeles. Many have been surprised how quickly he made an impact for the Bulls and the NBA. He opened up his career scoring in double figures for his first ten games! It is apart of the ever changing NBA of big men being able to stretch the floor.

So could a Bull win the three point contest next season? Why not. Both Lavine and Markkanen are capable of hitting beyond the stripe and could be chosen for the event. Both All-stars too? It’s very possible. Markkanen is shooting 35% from three this season and LaVine is 37% from deep.  I’d say both have a very good chance at being invited to the event next year.

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