Top 5 options for the Bears at pick 8

In his new post for Windy City Chronicle, Jovanny Santiago outlines his top five options for Ryan Pace to select at 8th overall come April.

1. WR Calvin Ridley (Alabama)

Calvin Ridley is a guy I’ve been studying for a while. The guy’s route running skills are off the chart and has the ability to catch those “50-50” balls. The former Alabama star also has great speed when running to the ball. I would definitely take him at number 8th in this upcoming draft. He would be a great wideout for Mitchell Trubisky, something they desperately need.

2. Minkah Fitzpatrick (Alabama)

Minkah Fitzpatrick would fit perfectly in Vic Fangio’s defense. He’s a hybrid, can play corner or safety. He can be our Micah Hyde type player I think. Fitzpatrick can be a nightmare for opposing offensive coordinators as his ball skills and aggressiveness makes him a franchise type player.

3. Quenton Nelson (Notre Dame)

Quenton Nelson is going to be a great guard in the NFL. He has all the tools. The power and ability to finish blocks is quite amazing. Adding him to our offensive line with Long, Whitehair and Leno could be great for Trubisky and our running backs. The offense we are about to run in Chicago will need offensive guards like Nelson. In addition, his Offensive line coach is in Chicago under Matt Nagy’s coaching staff.

4. Denzel Ward  (Ohio State)

Denzel Ward is a player I really enjoy watching tape on. He has speed to keep up with wide receivers in this league and is a very effective tackler. If the Chicago Bears do not resign Kyle Fuller, he will be a good replacement for him. Even though I expect us to keep Fuller, Ward and Fuller could be a good duo in the NFL, specifically in the NFC North. Vic Fangio is a great pair for a guy like Ward and that is why choosing him at 8 is something I would not be against.

5. Roquan Smith (Georgia)

Roquan Smith is going to be a monster in the league just by his speed and quickness. Having him in Chicago alongside Danny Trevathan would be amazing to watch. Or even opposite Leonard Floyd could be something special too. Vic Fangio can create many blitz packages with Smith. He isn’t scared to hit anyone in his way. I would be one happy camper if Smith was drafted to Chicago, joining a top 10 defense in the NFL.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 options for the Bears at pick 8

  1. Would not mind either. I’m not sure of the fit for Nelson because I do think Morgan will get every chance to start and one of the best OL coaches heistand was brought here to make players out of guys like Morgan. I also think Kush is a starter caliber guard in this league if t Bears do make the hard decison and cut Long like I think they should but don’t think they will. Also Smith is a tough one to fins a fit for. Think with Trevathan and Kwiatkoski along with Jones and Timu as their main backups they have that ILB corp set.

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  2. I’m not as sold on Calvin Ridley as you. He might be awesome, but his production was never overwhelming. Of course, playing for ‘Bama in their non-passing, run-dominant, QB-run dominant system didn’t help. You might be right but drafting Ridley that high just because the Bears clear need is at WR worries me a bit. As for the other guys you mentioned, I love all of them except Denzel Ward. Roquan Smith was one of my two favorite collegiate players last year. He absolutely dominated games! Since Trevathan is getting older, Jerrell Freeman will probably be cut because of the two-time PED offenses, and the others are average players, I think Roquan would be an excellent pick. I see him as a sure thing, meaning he’ll at the very least be a solid starter. His ceiling is something like Lavonte David or Telvin Smith or a guy like that. Drafting an OL is never sexy but very important. Think about it. Nearly half of your starting offense are OL yet people consistently overlook the position. Anyways, great stuff guys!

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