Full Court Bulls: How Active Should The Bulls be at the Trade Deadline?

The NBA Trade Deadline is looming in the distance, and now the Bulls can fully work on moving Nikola Mirotic that January 15th has passed. From what we have seen and heard across multiple media platforms from insiders is Mirotic wants to be traded, and the way he is playing they could get a decent haul for him. The other Bull that could be on the move is Robin Lopez. With the market seeming very thin for buyers right now, how active should the Bulls be as it approaches?

The past few seasons the Bulls have done very little near the deadline, and the moves they have made turned out to be little to no help or a complete bust in the return haul. Remeber Cameron Payne last year?

This brings the question of how active should the Front Office be in shopping their two biggest selling pieces at this point? The answer, more then they have been in the past.

If they wait like they always do when it comes to the Trade Deadline, they might be out of landing spots for Lopez and Mirotic. Right now, there have been at least two teams showing interest in Mirotic, The Jazz and Pistons, and there could be a few more that appear over the coming weeks. What this gives the Bulls is leverage. Multiple teams want the player, they can work it to get the best deal possible.

It is no secret the Bulls are in a rebuild, and with that comes young players and draft picks. They can get both at the deadline if they play their cards right with trades. It is now clear they are not going to land a Trae Young as they keep playing out of a Top Ten pick, so if they want someone like him they are going to have to package multiple first round picks on draft night. That is where the deadline can come in handy. If they can flip Mirotic or Lopez for another first round pick, then they have two to bargain with come draft night.

On the flip side, they can seem to desperate to get rid of these two players. Gauging the market is different then just trying to tell people what to take in a trade. It will take a mix of being just aggressive enough and just have a soft enough touch to get their return.

It’s not a simple answer, because you want to get what you want and note be a pushover while getting it. If they can do this right, the Bulls could see a big return come deadline day.

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