John DeFilippo has the tools to be the Bears next Head Coach

By: Jovanny Santiago

John DeFilippo is a coach many people have been looking into for quite sometime now. He can be a good head coach in this league, especially for the Chicago Bears, given his high football IQ and work with Carson Wentz.

The Bears are in need of a young, up and coming coach who can develop Mitch Trubisky. DeFilippo could be that guy, who interviewed for the job on Saturday, by his demeanor and eagerness to help the quarterbacks become successful in the NFL.

DeFilippo’s work with QB Carson Wentz turned him into an MVP candidate. Doug Pederson , the Eagles head coach, said “It’s all game-specific drill work and he really does a nice job preparing the guys…” when asked about DeFlippo’s work ethic. The Bears should copy the blueprint of the Los Angeles Rams, who hired Sean Mcvay at the age of 30. Sean McVay is in the process of taking the Rams from third to first place in their division and taking them to the playoffs. The Chicago Bears organization and their fans are hoping DeFilippo, if hired,  can do similar things as McVay.

DiFilippo has been working as a QB coach & offensive coordinator since 2000; his most recent job being the QB coach with the Philadelphia Eagles. With his lengthy resume of working with quarterbacks, DeFilippo can use this experience to help Trubisky develop as a better QB for the near future. The Bears have not been to the playoffs since 2010 and I believe DeFilippo can lead the Bears back to postseason football.

DeFilippo is being said by many NFL analysts to be a ‘great hire’ by an NFL team. Nick Foles expressed his feelings about DeFillippo being a head coach saying, “I also know he’s going to be a great head coach someday…His knowledge, work ethic, and scheme is what makes him such a hot commodity.”

The Bears need a head coach to be hand and hand with Trubisky to help him grow since he is the focal point of the team. In my eyes, DeFilippo is the best guy for the job.

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