Could Bears Be Planning To Hire Fangio As Head Coach?

Recent rumors of the Bears denying permission for the Bengals to interview Vic Fangio for a Coordinator job (as Current Bengals Coordinator Paul Guenther is expected to join Jon Gruden’s staff with the Raiders) is quite an interesting development.

All this points to evidence of the Bears intending to keep Fangio around in some form or fashion. One would believe the Bears may likely have a deal in place and agreed upon in principal without releasing the news yet as Fangio can interview with anyone as early as this coming Tuesday.

This makes one wonder whether or not the Bears actually plan on making Fangio their Head Coach. Rumor is that the interview for the position went well this past Wednesday between Pace and Fangio. One also has to wonder how Fangio would feel taking a Coordinator position with the Bears to serve under a Head Coach who was hired over him in spite of the excellent job Fangio did with the defense this season that included a bunch of injuries to key players on his unit. Another reason to speculate a Head Coaching offer rather than retaining him as Defensive Coordinator.

Another interesting development is that word has it the interview with John DeFilippo went well Saturday. What makes this interesting is DeFilippo is the one Candidate on the Bears interview list who can take a Coordinator job as a significant promotion should he not get hired elsewhere as a Head Coach. It would be hard to turn such an opportunity down. A tandem of Fangio in charge of the defense and Defilippo the offense could be a formidable one. Of course, this is all speculative and just my mind trying to read tea leaves, but this news of the block can make a mind wander.

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