Can the White Sox still acquire Manny Machado?

By: Pat Blaha

Back in December, trade rumors about All-Star Manny Machado began to surface with the White Sox. It’s no secret that the Sox need to fill a void at third base, but what price will the Sox be willing to pay for Machado? The White Sox have already made an offer to the Orioles for Machado, who still has another year left on his contract.

White Sox General Manager Rick Hahn was unwilling to comment on any specifics of the offer, however it is clear that if this deal is made, the White Sox would definitely seek to create a long-term contract with Macahdo. In an interview with Rick Hahn, he states, “Everything we’ve done over the last year-plus has been aimed at putting us in the best position for the long term and nothing has changed in terms of what we’re trying to accomplish”.

Baltimore has received nearly a dozen offers for Machado. In a tweet sent out by USA TODAY sports columnist Bob Nightengale, he stated that the offer from the White Sox for Macahdo was “the best offer of the dozen offers the Orioles have received”.

The main question, however, is what are the White Sox willing to give up to acquire Machado? It’s unlikely that the White Sox will jeopardize the top pitching prospects in their farm system. The acquisitions that the White Sox have made in the last year, like Michael Kopech (21), have been nothing short of impressive and will undoubtedly help the Sox get back into the post-season, which is why this deal for Machado may worry some.

Having said that, the White Sox were ranked as one of the top three teams to get Machado. He’s a top of the line player that would definitely be an incredible asset to the ball club. The 25 year old from Hialeah, Florida has a .279 BA along with 138 HR and 862 Hits with the Orioles.

The White Sox Organization has made unbelievable strides in acquiring young talent to build up the team, so it makes sense why they shouldn’t stop now. The Sox have a lot of room to work with the Orioles and this deal could benefit the White Sox tremendously.

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