The Christmas Eve Toilet Bowl: Epic Battle of the Bad

By: Alex Patt

An irrelevant yet laughable match up is all set for Christmas Eve. The Chicago Bears and the Cleveland Browns will face off at Soldier Field at noon on what looks like could be a white Christmas Eve. The Bears (4-10) will face a Browns team looking for its first win of the season as they come in 0-14. Both teams have become laughing stocks of the NFL and this will be the ultimate test of who is the better bad team.

The Bears have not had a .500 season since 2013 and not had an above .500 season since 2012 when they went 10-6 under Lovie Smith. The Browns, well, they have had it even worse. Since the start of the 2015 season the Browns are 4-46 and have not had a .500 or better season only two times since the turn of the millennium (2002, 2007). The closest either team has come to a championship since 1990 was the Bears going to the Super Bowl in 2006. Browns and Bears combined have nine playoff appearances since 1990…the New England Patriots have the same number of playoff appearances going back to 2007.

Taking the Bears and Browns record combined since 2000, they are 217-337. That is a .392 winning percentage and 10 winning seasons in 17 years among two teams.

So these two franchises will meet up in the regular season for the first time since 2013 when the Bears won in Cleveland 38-31. Though they see each other in the preseason pretty much every year but that does not really count. Rookie quarterbacks in DeShone Kizer and Mitch Trubisky will face off for the first time in an NFL regular season game.

The Bears definitely have more weapons and a much better defense going into this game. The Cleveland defense has given up 362 points against which is the third highest in the league. However it is important to note that the Browns defense has the seventh least rushing yards against (1,345) in the league but the 12th highest pass yards (3,299) against. The Bears defense has 294 points against this season so far and faces an offense with the least points (207) in the league. It will be rookie QB with a low scoring offense vs. rookie QB with an even lower scoring offense.

Not much else to say about this game. Soldier Field will probably be half empty with only a few spectators to watch this horrible match up. The way John Fox’s team is coached and plays, seeing Cleveland getting their first win would not be terribly surprising at this rate.

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