Bulls earn back to back wins behind Kris Dunn, David Nwaba

Winning from time to time is fun. Hopefully, the Bears get that message Sunday afternoon in Cincinnati.

Don’t count on it.

The Bulls earn back to back victories for the first time this season, a OT win in Charlotte on Friday and a two point win at home vs. Knicks on Saturday. The Bulls continue to be very competitive and closed out two hard fought games.

The point is to lose, we all know this. The fight for the number one pick began in October but wins here and there are needed. The Bulls are still last the league at 5-20.

Kris Dunn, who flirted with a triple-double, hit the game winning free throws to finish off the Knicks 104-102. Dunn, who’s continued development is a storyline of the Bulls season,  finished with 17 points, 9 assists, 7 rebounds and 3 steals. After another dominating performance, Dunn is averaging 15.2 points and 8 assists over his last five games.

It is becoming evident why the Bulls liked Dunn so much coming out of college. His athleticism and instincts is something you cannot teach. His shot continues to improve and is becoming a leader on the court.

“We do have a lot of trust in Kris. He’s showing that he’s gonna go out there and make the right play,” Hoiberg said after Saturday nights win. Turnovers are one category Dunn needs to lower his numbers, but that comes with chemistry and becoming more comfortable in your role.

Nikola Mirotic scored 19 in his first game at the United Center this season. Mirotic will be a leader in the second group and his ability to hit from long range will be a big bolster.

Despite many who are not the biggest supporters of Mirotic, give him a chance to prove his worth. He made a big commitment this off season to put on weight and improve his game. In a contract year, lets see what hes got.

Even with big games from Dunn, and Lauri Markkanen, fans are ecstatic about the recent play from David Nwaba. Nwaba, sidelined back in November due to a sprained ankle, has been a surge off the bench for Fred Hoiberg. The Cal Pony product has scored in double figures in the last three games while blocking six shots. His energy and determination are just the players the Bulls are looking for as they re-tool the roster. Nwaba has earned the chance to close out the last two games and could be becoming a solid role player for the Bulls going forward.

Despite being 5-20, the Bulls are competing every night. Coach Hoiberg said it best after Saturdays win. ” This shows you a group that really cares and is gonna go out and compete every night no matter what the circumstances are.” The Bulls do not have a superstar to close out games but a team effort has kept them in a lot of games this season.

This may be a rebuild, but some nights it does not feel like one. The Bulls are playing some entertaining basketball and while they may out-matched skill-wise most nights, there is still plenty of reason to turn your TV to WGN.

Comeback is soon: Zach LaVine continues to go through contract practice with the Bulls and their G-league affiliate the Windy City Bulls. His return is expected beginning of January to mid-Jan. LaVine’s bobblehead night is Jan. 13 vs. Detroit.

Why cant we be friends: Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic seem to have no rift between them now, high fiving regularly on the court. Mirtoic did accept Portis’ apology through the media and it seems the two have moved on. Or we at least think so…

The Bulls will play four of their next five at the United Center, starting with Kyrie Irving and the Celtics on Monday.

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