Gould beats Bears, race for top 5 pick alive and well

The Bears are doing the unthinkable every Sunday, and I mean that in a bad way.

Sunday’s 15-14 loss marked their fifth straight loss, their third game with eight first downs or less, and a team that was unprepared–again.

How much longer are fans going to deal with a losing product? The Bears stand at 3-9 with the looks of going 3-13 again this season. Yes, the Browns could get a win at Soldier Field in a few weeks. The 49ers had one win coming into Sunday and they only allowed 147 yards. It has come to a point where you cannot put anything past the Bears because some way somehow, they will find a way to screw it up.

Change is inevitable at this point. You have a coaching staff that was out-coached once again on Sunday and yet things will probably stay the same. John Fox is not doing his job. When people do not execute their job, they get fired. I think the worst thing you can do is keep this guy around for four more weeks. Put the players, fans, media out of their misery and end this.

Onto the game, Robbie Gould returned to Solider Field for the first time as a visitor. Gould, who spent 11 seasons with the Bears, went 5-5 on his field goals including the game winner.

Gould was cut by the Bears back in September of 2016. One speculation was the Bears may have asked Gould to take a pay cut on his $3 million base salary after missing six kicks the year before. But since he has left the Bears, he has only missed two field goals.

” I wanted this one really bad,ā€ he said after Sunday’s win. I downplayed it all week. For my own peace of mind, to be honest with you. But Iā€™m just happy it went this way.ā€

The Bears were feeling the opposite. They get embarrassed, out-played in front of their home crowd who pay a lot to attend these games. There were over 8,000 no shows and get ready for more in their home finale on Christmas Eve.

A bright spot from Sunday? Rookie Tarik Cohen had a Devin Hester like punt return in the second quarter running one way then reversing field taking it 61 yards to the end zone.

Mitch Trubisky did not put up flashy numbers on Sunday, 12/15 102 yards and 1 TD, but he looked a lot better than he did last week. His pocket presence is still a weak spot but his accuracy and footwork looked solid on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Rolling Meadows alum Jimmy Garoppolo looked pretty good in his first start for the 49ers, finishing with 293 yards on 26/37 passing. The hometown kid made some big throws and had no problem moving the chains versus the Bears defense. The 49ers held the ball for 38:47 and had 23 first downs setting up five field goals for Gould. It was special day for Garoppolo, one he will never forget.

The coaching woes continued for John Fox and someone this guy still has a job. Fox used his final timeout with 1:34 left in the game with Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers on the 3 yard line. All the 49ers had to do was knee it down two times and then call in the field goal unit. Fox handed the 49ers the game and yet we will probably see him at the podium on Monday afternoon.

I wish this column was filled with what the Bears did well and the impressive stats that came with it. But even in a close loss, the Bears top players failed to make an impact. Jordan Howard finished with just 38 yards on 13 carries. WR Markus Wheaton played just one snap and has one catch all year ( mainly the coaching staffs fault). Adam Shaheen only saw nine snaps on Sunday and we were told his role would not be decreased as the weeks went on. It has become chaos and a poorly run team in Chicago and it’s dreadful to watch.

The Bears head to Cincinnati for a match-up with A.J. Green and the Bengals next Sunday. At this point, do we really want the Bears to win? Right now, they would draft fifth if the season ended today. Would you rather get a win or have a chance to move up? I never like cheering for a lose because I hate loosing more than anything else, but winning does nothing for the Bears now. It is another race for a top five pick in Chicago.

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