Adam Shaheen’s time to shine

Image: Adam Shaheen makes a great block vs. Panthers (Chicago Sun-Times). 

First off I want to express how awful I feel for Zach Miller. That was such a heartbreaking and tear jerking sight on Sunday afternoon. Miller has been a steady TE for the Bears over his few years here and players rave about his off the field personality. The staff at WCC wish you nothing but the best and healthy recovery for Miller!

Now onto the young rookie, Adam Shaheen! The rookie tight end will look to fill the shoes of Zach Miller. Shaheen was the second round pick out of Ashland University last April. Shaheen has raw talent, athleticism, and measurables that you just can’t teach. Coming from a small Division two school, scouts loved him, but were worried about how he was going to adjust to the next level. Another weakness of Shaheen a game was blocking. He was not a great blocker by any means, but he made up for that with his terrific receiving game.

At Ashland, Shaheen put up monster numbers in the passing game. In 11 games played Shaheen recorder 57 receptions, 867 yards and 16 TDS! Those are crazy numbers for a TE. Put that together with his athleticism and measurebles, you’re looking at a potential monster in the making.

Since arriving on the Bears he’s been working on his blocking game. Boy has he looked good in that aspect lately! Shaheen has been the best blocking TE for the Bears all season long and it hasn’t been close. Shaheen loves getting in the thick of it all too saying

“ I’m excited to do whatever they ask me to do” “Blocking and sticking my head in there and mashing skulls.” via Chicago Sun-Times


As a Bears fan I love hearing that! This team is built on the ground and pound, beat them up kind of game. But the Bears really need Shaheen to live up to his draft hype as a receiving TE. He should see his snap count increase significantly. He’s got a great rap sheet with Trubisky. Being his roommate all throughout training camp and being his go to target at practices. Shaheen has all the ability in the world to be a GREAT TE, but he has a long ways to go to prove it. The Bears have gotten great play from the other rookies from the 2017 class, now it’s time to see what “Baby Gronk” has in store. Strap up folks, the ride is just starting!


One thought on “Adam Shaheen’s time to shine

  1. Very good article. Well written. I too am excited about Shaheen’s future, despite Miller’s tough injury. In fact, I think I’ll make Shaheen my one to “Watch Out For” in my next column. Thanks!

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