Bulls earn first win of season vs. Hawks

In the very young season in which a lot of people believe is a Tank season for the Bulls, they pulled out a nice win.

Last night, the Bulls took in the Atlanta Hawks in Chicago. All 5 starters finished in double figures. The lead scores for the Bulls were Lopez (16), Nwaba(15), and Markkanen (14).

This team will not quit no matter the competition. The Bulls are a very young team who will make mistakes, but they learn from them quick and don’t let it phase them. The most exciting and intriguing player right now is 1st round pick, Lauri Markkanen! This kid has very special talent for a big 7’0 footer. Although he was 2-8 from the field, he still put up 14 points and grabbed 13 rebounds.

The most impressive shot came with 50 seconds left in the game. Bulls were up by 1 point and Markkanen ran a pick and roll, jumped out to behind the arc and drained a 3 to put the Bulls up by 4.

The most impressive and exciting thing about Markkanen is everything about his offensive game. He’s got great handles and great shot for being a seven footer. He’s scored double digit points in every game this season. I love this kid and his game so much. Lopez continues to play like a savvy vet out there while being a great leader and teammate while doing all the dirty work. Leading the team in scoring last night with 16 points.

Bulls next game is Saturday against Oklahoma City at the United Center.

Last nights game was great to watch and listen to all the players and fans get excited for! This team has very encouraging future ahead of them. They play relentlessly and fight to the very last second, no matter what team they are playing. We may have a more entertaining and encouraging season then we all first thought. Don’t get it twisted, they are certainly still in rebuild mode, but even at a 1-3 record this is still a fun team to watch.

The future is bright Bulls nation! SEE RED!

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