Bulls go 2-1 in first week of Preseason Action 

The Bulls first 3 preseason games have shown some encouraging signs. The Bulls are currently 2-1, even though it’s preseason, that’s still good for the Bulls. This organization finally entered the long awaited rebuild mode this offseason. Fans know this team will not be competing for a championship, but what we want to see is a young team trying to get better every day. The first 3 preseason games has shown a lot of no name, young players trying to make a name for themselves. 

In game 1 against the Pelicans, the Bulls pulled off a close, grimy win 113-109. They followed that game up with a not so stellar performance, against a not so good Dallas team. Then, the Bulls came back home and took care of business against the Bucks with 114-101 win. Even though it is preseason, this Bulls team should and needs to treat it like regular season. This is a very young team and every single player has a chance to stick with this team. The Bulls have been building a good culture so far this off season and through training camp. They have a few young players that they are hoping can take the next step in there career and keep building up a strong foundation for the future.

The Bulls next preseason game is tonight at 7:00 pm on NBCSCH against New Orleans. LETS GO BULLS!!

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