Thursday night vs. Green Bay should be Mike Glennon’s Last Chance 

Dink and Dunk.

Those two words have now been labeled with Bears Quarterback Mike Glennon.

In the Bears win on Sunday vs. Steelers, Glennon completed fifteen passes, twelve of  within five yards of the line scrimmage. When you see that satement, it’s makes you second guess that the Bears actually won the game. 

Coming into his tenure with the Bears, everyone knew what Glennon could and could not do. He is not a very athletic guy, limited mobility and his arm strength is suspect. In the overall picture though, the Bears were going to draft a quarterback and Glennon’s stay would be short.

Now, the Bears are faced with a big problem. The Mike Glennon experiment did not work. He may have looked good at Halas Hall but his transition to the game field has not gotten the job done. I was not a big fan of the Glennon signing but I thought he would be a sub-par QB that could manage the game. He has failed to do even that. How many wish we had Brian Hoyer back….anyone? At least Hoyer took shots down the field and was somewhat mobile.

The Bears take on Green Bay for a Thursday night showdown at Lambeau Field. Through three games, Glennon has a QB rating of 79.8, his longest pass has only gone for 22 yards, and has failed to manage the offense.

There was an interesting quote today that surfaced on Twitter from Victor Cruz who said “Trubisky has the talent, and Glennon just gets the offense lined up.”

This is Glennon’s last chance. He has shown nothing in the Bears first three contests that he can be a difference maker. The man who receives guaranteed $16M this season may keep the bench warm for the rest of the season after Green Bay. And realistically, who is against this? 

The Bears drafted Trubisky to be their franchise QB. I get it, they want him to sit back, watch, and develop. One example is Aaron Rodgers, who sat behind Hall of Fame QB Brett Farve for several seasons. Look how that turned out 

Glennon is not a HOF though, and  he will never even make a pro-bowl. The future is now! It is time to play the kid, who will have ten days to prepare for the Vikings coming to Soldier Field on Monday night. There is no better time, especially this early in the season, for a rookie to make his debut. You are setting him up for success to have more preparation days than a usual week.

In the retrospect of all this, John Fox needs wins to keep his job. You are not going to win football games with three quarters of your throws going to your running backs. Your QB has to make plays with his feet, be mobile in the pocket, and take shots down the field and that player is currently on the bench.

I am ready for Truisky to play. I always wanted him to start since day one but after what I have seen from Glennon, I am throwing out this developmental plan that Pace threw at us after the draft.

Bring on Trubisky!

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