Nicola Mirotic reaches 2-year deal agreement with Bulls 

This afternoon the Chicago Bulls and Forward Nikola Mirotic reached a two-year, $27M Deal ending the question of if he was coming back this season. The two sides were at a stalemate all offseason and it looked more and more likely Mirotic would play on the one year qualifying offer.  

Mirotic wanted to test the market and see if another team would give him an offer, but no team seemed to be interested. He has proven to be a player who has the talent, but has not been able to find consistency in his first few seasons in the league. At the price he he was asking to begin with, the Bulls were content to wait him out.

With Training Camp right around the corner, both sides seemed more eager to get a deal done. For Mirotic, he gets the right to Veto any trade during the first year of the deal and the Bulls get the good side on the back end of the deal with year two being a Team Option. Mirotic averaged 10.6 PPG last season in 70 games as he looks to find more consistency this coming season.

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