Doug Collins Hire: What it means for the Bulls

This afternoon the Chicago Bulls named Doug Collins as a Senior Advisor to the team, and he will report directly to John Paxson. 

Collins was most known before this as being the coach for the Bulls in the mid to late 1980’s before they drafted Jordan and went on their Title dominance of the 90’s. Now, he is back to help is former team in the Front Office.
What does Collins bring to the Bulls in a advisory role?  He brings a fresh set of eyes, and maybe someone who can talk Forman and Paxson out of their decisions. He brings a coaches mind-set to the front office, something the team has not really relied on in the past. The organization seems excited to have him, as they are looking to mold him into a role many more teams are now using around the NBA.

He looks like to be one of the men behind the rebuild of the team, and getting them back to where they were in the 1990’s as a Championship contender year in and year out. Having coached three other teams besides the Bulls, working as a Broadcaster, and for ESPN he brings over 30 years of experience to the table.

Some may remeber almost ten years ago when the team tried to hire him as a coach for the second time, but did not get him. Now, Paxson has his man and looks to create something with him once again. Collins shot down the idea of being a backup coach if Hoiberg doesn’t pan out this year very quickly after the hiring was announced.

Overall it is a minor move in the grand scheme of things, as the team has a long way to go from here. Collins might be able to sway Forward Nikola Mirotic who remains unsigned as the season grows nearer.

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