Surprise Cuts That May Fit Bears Needs


Another advantage of having a terrible season the year before is you get to pick from the waiver wire sooner than most teams. This, of course, gives you access to the best available talent ahead of other teams to supplement your roster or fill up your practice squad for developmental depth and possible future core starters. Given the Bears were 3-13 last season it would stand to reason the Bears would have a lot of openings on their roster particularly at the bottom. The Bears do have an interesting roster filled with potential, but nothing you can’t live without at a lot of position groups.

The two groups that stand out to me in need of bolstering are the Safety and Wide Receiver groups. Bears can actually add to the top of the Wide Receiver group as there are no proven number ones. Not that there will be any number ones getting cut, but there is a possibility you can grab a solid 3 or 4 although it’s more likely they’ll get a player at the bottom of the roster who can help with special teams than one getting significant high leverage snaps.

As for Safety, it looks as though the Bears may have finally solved their starting two in the form of Quintin Demps and Eddie Jackson. It also looks as though they have their future successor to Demps once he moves on from the team with Deiondre’ Hall. However, after that, it’s up for grabs. Adrian Amos looks like he maxed out with underwhelming playmaking ability, Deon Grant looks like he is struggling to grasp Fangio’s complex coverage schemes and Harold Jones-Quartey while possessing some interesting size/speed athletic ability has made his share of mistakes in coverage the past two seasons. Ironically DeAndre Houston-Carson seems like the safest player to make the team because of his special teams contributions even though he probably has no future as a safety in any meaningful playing time.

Even though I highlighted the two position groups it doesn’t mean all the position groups are exempt from possible upgrades. especially as far as practice squad candidates currently on the Bears roster. Again, we’re talking about a 3-13 team. Sure injuries and youth factored in, but 3-13 is 3-13. So I’m going to go team by team and pick players that may get cut from said team that would be interesting pickups for the Bears to help them now &/or in the future.

I’m going to read the tea leaves of some surprise names from each team that may or not may not be there based on information I’ve gathered that would be surprise cuts. The kind of cuts that are 50/50 they happen and in some cases even fewer odds they get cut, but it is possible. The point is to find guys that the Bears may see as upgrades to their position groups and possible Practice squad candidates over what they have had in camp and also may line up with needs due to talent deficiency and injury issues.

  • New England Patriots: WR Austin Carr: Austin Carr has been a camp hero for the Patriots, but the Patriots have a team filled with Carr like players & they traditionally don’t keep many WR’s on the roster keeping only 5 a year ago, and 4 before taking a flyer on Michael Floyd after getting cut by the Cardinals for violating league drug policy violation rules.
  • Miami Dolphins: WR  Leonte Carroo: Leonte Caroo may be a victim of a numbers crunch and is an interesting player at a need spot.
  • Buffalo Bills: DT Marcell Dareus: Marcell Dareus’ cap hit, past off field issues and most recent dust up with the current Bills regime could see him on the cutting block and a surprise cut.
  • New York Jets: OLB Lorenzo Mauldin:  Lorenzo Maudlin is a kid who has gone through a lot of adversity and has high football character and someone who has produced which is what would make this a surprise cut, but the word out of New York is that the Jets are considering waiving him.
  • Kansas City: DE Allen Bailey: Allen Bailey would be a nice get if he makes it to waivers especially now that Lamarr Houston has a knee injury and Pernell McPhee seems destined for the PUP. Although he’s a five technique and not an OLB he is athletic enough to sub there in a pinch and Bears now have the extra roster spot room.
  • Los Angeles Raiders: EDGE James Cowser: James Cowser offers an interesting pass rushing skill set that could offset the possible loss of McPhee as well as, Houston pending the MRI results.
  • Denver Broncos: WR  Jordan Taylor:  Jordan Taylor is another kid who has fallen out of favor in Denver but has great size and athleticism and is a pretty polished route runner.
  • Los Angeles Chargers: WR Artavis Scott: Not a whole lot of intrigue coming from the Chargers in the way of cuts. Artavis Scott is a smaller slot type receiver who has some intrigue coming from Clemson and maybe bringing with him a winning pedigree.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Sammie Coates: I personally am not a fan of the Bears possibly picking up Sammie Coates as he has bad hands, but this is what the Bears might do so who knows? I think he will be available.
  • Baltimore Ravens: S Ladarius Webb: It’s doubtful the Bears go with a 32-year-old safety over young options being in rebuild mode, but you never know what name may be the exception.
  • Cincinnati Bengals: Vontaze Burfict: Vontaze Burfict is a pretty big name and someone you would never expect to be on this list but he is being mentioned as someone the Bengals may consider cutting because of past disciplinary issues.
  • Cleveland Browns: Cameron Erving: Another name that might be an upgrade to what the Bears currently have backing up their starters.
  • Tennessee Titans: WR Harry Douglas: Looks like the Titans are in a full blown youth movement and this move would fall in line with that. The Bears are too but could benefit from a veteran presence such as Douglas would bring.
  • Indianapolis Colts: Barkevious Mingo: Mingo has not lived up to expectations but could benefit from a change of scenery and benefit under Fangio. This also lines up with a need as McPhee and now possibly Houston may not start the season on the 53 man roster.
  • San Francisco 49ers: Tank Carradine: Again the Bears will possibly be looking for help for a rotational EDGE defender and Carradine may be a consideration for them here should he be let loose
  • Green Bay Packers: WR Jeff Janis: With the history of Green bay WR picks it would be wise to consider anyone they had to let go from a deep talented group.
  • Detroit Lions:
  • Minnesota Vikings: Michael Floyd: By now the reasons are obvious of why he may be available. He is also a big body with premium pass catching ability and migt be worth a flyer.
  • Atlanta Falcons: DE/OLB Brooks Reed: Reed probably was always best suited for a 3-4 as an OLB. Here he fits a possible need in a scheme fit.

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