Bulls, Wade buyout forthcoming 

It’s pointless to keep Dwyane Wade in a Bulls inform. The Bulls are rebuilding, and you cannot have a thirty-five year old plugging up your lineup. Yes it was cool to see Wade in a Bulls uniform and play alongside Jimmy Butler. But now, we are in a different world than we were just a few months ago. 

Wade, who opted in to his player option this offseason for 23 million reasons, has reportedly  been in little to no contact with the Bulls since they traded Butler. Him and the new Timberwolves star became good friends and Wade made it clear he did not want to be apart of a rebuilding team. Despite the comradary, the Bulls traded their star player in Butler on draft night, turning the page to a full rebuild in Chicago. 

Wade said he is going to meet with Lebron James this week. TMZ wrote a story and made it sound like it was a recruiting pitch to join him in Cleveland. Wade quickly responded. 

While Wade said this, I’m sure basketball will be the topic of conversation.  The Cavs will always be in contention with James on the floor and adding another piece like Wade makes sense. 

We all knew why Wade was brought to Chicago. The Bulls management was in a win now mode, but they knew what they were getting in the veteran. In the big realm of things, it was a PR stunt. It was to put people in the seats and sell merchandise. And near the end, it almost led to a playoff series upset until Rajon Rondo suffered a season ending injury. So, there was some excitement with Wade in town but it came to an end really quick. 

His lackluster defense and the incident where he called out the young guys for not caring caused a separation in the locker room and with the fans. The Wade experiment looked fun from the start, but once it got started, it went downhill real fast. 

The Bulls and Wade should reach a buyout before the start of training camp. It would not make any sense for Wade to be around the team because both sides do not wan him with the team anymore. 

I’d expect a buyout to be around $13-15 million. It was reported earlier this month that Wade wanted around $19 M but that number will come down. 

We all knew after Butler got traded that the clock was ticking on Wade in the red and white. The Bulls have a lot of young players they need to develop and evaluate, and you know Wade is not going to sit and be in a player coach role.  It’s better for both sides to move on and that’s what should get accomplished in the coming weeks. 

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