Dwyane Wade informs Bulls he will pick up option

Bulls guard Dwyane Wade has informed the team that he will pick up his $23.8 million dollar player option for next season, first reported by Vincent Goodwill of CSN Chicago.

Wade, 35, averaged 18.3 points per game last season. The feeling was that the three time NBA champion would pick up his player option solely  because of the money involved. Close to 24 million dollars at his age is ludicrous, but credit to Wade’s agent for getting the Bulls to agree to that deal.

To go along with the money, Wade is back in his hometown and enjoys being back. Unless a drastic offer bigger than what the Bulls owed him was put in front of him, there would be no contention for Wade to sign elsewhere.

Another interesting report surrounding Wade was from ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. She said that Wade was likely to opt in regardless of what the Bulls decided to do will All-star Jimmy Butler. Butler was one of the reasons Wade came to Chicago, he said it himself. This report though continues to backup that the money and being back home is the leading factor in picking up the option.

The Bulls fanbase, as is the front office, do not know what direction they want to go. It would be tough to see a player like Butler go, but if you get a loaded return for him, the rebuild begins and the future is bright. The Chicago White Sox made the decision to rebuild last offseason and now look at them. They have completely turned around their farm system and the future looks bright. 

The option was up to Wade, which is the opposite of Rajon Rondo, and according to reports, the Bulls still have not made a decision on whether to bring Rondo back.

Wade played mediocre  last season. His ability to score has not gone away, but his defensive effort was not there. Wade has a lot of mileage and he is not able to keep up with the quicker guards like he could before, bu there were times where it just came down to pure effort and Wade failed to execute.

A lot of money is being given to Wade, which is one reason I did not want him to pick up the option. The cap space is something the Bulls need is they want to be able to compete and develop young talent at the same time. Now with Wade back and if the Bulls bring back Rondo, their cap space will be very limited.

Lastly, I am all for the rebuild. While I do not want to see Butler go, I would totally support the Bulls because then the fanbase would finally be shown a clear direction of the franchise. They do not want to keep watching a below average to mediocre ball club with first round exits year after year. By trading Butler, the Bulls could get top draft picks in return and future cap room space to acquire big free agents.

One “alpha” is here to say. Will the other to join him? Only time will tell.

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