Cubs Weekly Recap: More Ups – More Downs

The Cubs had a very strange week that capped a very strange homestand. Right now the Cubs are 31-31 and a game behind the first place Brewers. The homestand opened up with a sweep of the rival St. Louis Cardinals which seemed like a huge turning point in the season, followed by taking 2/3 from the Marlins.

It was all peaches and cream until the Colorado Rockies came to town. The Cubs would lose the first three games and grow a four-game losing streak. In the first three games vs. Colorado, the Cubs scored five runs and gave up 18. Cubs won the final game of the four-game set 7-5, ending a 6-4 homestand. Luckily the NL central division continues to be weak and full of parity the Cubs are grasping at first place despite being .500 with 100 games left. Yes, it is a lot of time but if the Cubs were in any other division…they would be well back of first place and the inconsistencies have to get better.

While the pitching was solid enough in the first two series, the Rockies series it struggled. Starters did not go long into ballgames and Mike Montgomery had to start for Kyle Hendricks who went on the 10-day DL. No one made it to the 7th inning and one inning seemed to doom their game; Lester gave up 4 in the 2nd inning of the first game, Arrieta fell apart in the 5th inning of the final game and Montgomery had a limit even though he did okay giving up two runs in four innings.

Within all this was the issues with Addison Russell and his wife, Melissa. Won’t talk much about it other than it is a serious matter which the Cubs and MLB are investigating and rightfully so. He did not play on Thursday and did not start Friday but started the next two games. There is still no official word on the ruling.

Cubs embark on a long roadtrip starting with the Mets.


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