Harper to the Cubs? What to Make of the Rumor

By: Alex Patt

It has been an interesting weekend for the Cubs. Two come-from-behind wins against the rival Cardinals and the return of Dexter Fowler to Wrigley seemed to make things interesting enough…but there is more. Surfacing just a few days ago, it was reported by Peter Gammons that National star Bryce Harper wants to play for the Cubs.

“I have people tell me that Bryce Harper, really, would prefer to play for the Cubs.” -Gammons quote according to Bleacher Report

This caught a lot of attention right away. The immediate dreams of a lineup featuring Rizzo, Bryant and Harper gave fans all over baseball goosebumps. Harper is going to be a free agent after the 2018 season, remember he signed a small extension to avoid arbitration this offseason. Harper is already seen as a guy who will be hitting the $400 million mark in his future contract. Whoever pays Harper’s new deal is going to have to shell out the dough.

What makes the timing of this so interesting is that Kris Bryant extension talks halted this offseason because Bryant didn’t want to talk them yet. Bryant is another guy who is likely going to make $350 + million according to many writers. 

While the Cubs have a ton of money and the possibility of a new television deal is still blowing around in the talk-wind, it is really hard to see the Cubs affording both if they in fact make that kind of money on their next contract. Harper or Bryant would probably have to take a pay-cut in order for that to happen..and Scott Boras is involved in this so good luck getting Bryant to take a pay-cut.

Strange things have happened, never 100% sure, but right now it is probably just talks for stories and nothing to be counted on.

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