Trade talks between Blackhawks and Golden Knights have emerged

The NHL Offseason rolls on for 28 teams and the Stanley Cup finals are underway, which means in a few weeks it will be drafting time. This year is extra interesting because of the Vegas Golden Knights expansion draft. A number of players from all teams are under the “Vegas rumors” as possibilities of being drafted by them, of course a lot of that is speculation.

When it comes to the Blackhawks there are some very interesting talks flowing around social media. The biggest eye-popping one was by Frank Seravalli on twitter talking about the Hawks letting Vegas take defenseman Trevor van Riemsdyk if they also take forward Marcus Kruger in a trade. Seravalli sites TSN in this development.

This could actually be big for the Blackhawks if it does happen. While saying goodbye to a penalty-kill master in Kruger and a 25-year old defenseman does not seem great, look at it from a salary cap perspective. This is the one of, if not, THE biggest obstacle the Hawks are battling this offseason trying to make some changes after the horrific playoff exit.

What relief would come to the Hawks cap? Kruger has two more years under contract before coming a unrestricted free agent in 2019-2020 and is a $3,083,333 cap hit in 2017-2018 and also a $3,083,333 hit in 2018-2019. TVR will be a $825,000 hit in 2017-2018 before becoming a restricted free agent (arbitration eligible) in 2018-2019.

Right now the Blackhawks have $77,520,628 under the cap hit with no space to make any moves. Seravalli says this move is “likely – not 100% done” but this is something that honestly needs to happen for them. The cap is so tight and with no room in this situation, the cap has to be cleared of space. Blackhawks have holes and places to fill and money is needed, simple as that.

With holes to fill and a draft coming up, depending on what is cleared out this summer, it could be another transition year for the Hawks as they groom some new guys and shed off some old.

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