Blackhawks Extend Michal Kempny in attempt to get younger on Defense

Blackhawks front has been pretty quiet lately but they did make news with the extension of defenseman Michal Kempny to a one-year, $900,000 deal. The 26-year old played in 50 games last year after being signed out of the KHL; he put up two goals and six assists.

While Kempny only played in one playoff game and basically lost his playing time when the Hawks brought back Oduya, he has some promise. He has shown decent puck handling and decent speed which is needed on a defensive core that is aging and slowing down. He was mainly paired with Seabrook last year to get experience with a veteran defenseman, but this all follows a theme of the need to get younger defensively.

With Seabrook and Keith over 30 and Hjalmarsson at 29 right now, the core needs quicker and younger guys. Kempny is a decent start, but a lot more has to done. With the cap really tight it will probably have to come in form of picks and trades. It is really hard to go out and sign a good, young fast guy because there is not much available and the cap. There are so many factors that make this harder and it will be interesting to see where they go.

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