“It’s going to be a perfect fit.” Bears have a new face of the franchise in Mitchell Trubisky

When I saw the Chicago Bears moved up one spot to number two overall, it caught me by surprise. Who are they going to get? Why did San Francisco go down. And it just a few minutes after this trade was announced, the city of Chicago had the answer–Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina.

“If you want to be great you can’t just sit on your hands.” This was one of many soundbites that came from Bears GM Ryan Pace at Halas Hall Thursday night. The Bears moved up in the 2017 NFL Draft to get their QB. A move that Bears fans have been waiting for was accomplished Thursday night, giving them hope of the days ahead.

The amount of talent in this year’s class is astronomical. A draft class filled with defensive studs pointed to the Bears grabbing a day one starter right away at No.3. But Pace had other plans. “Once you have conviction on a guy, you’ve got to be aggressive and do it.”

Pace showed how aggressive he can be come draft day last offseason, trading up to draft Leonard Floyd at ninth overall. Many thought his aggressiveness would come into play trading back into round one and drafting a quarterback. Nope.

Instead, Pace put all his eggs in one basket and drafted his QB, his guy he believes will once again, establish a winning culture in Chicago.

Chris Mortenensen, ESPN NFL reporter, said today on ESPN that Pace decided a month ago he would draft Trubisky and did not inform that staff until an hour and a half before the draft.

What’s not to like about Trubisky. His numbers speak for itself: 67.5 completion rate, 40 TDs and 10 INTs during his college career. Oh and did I mention he can run too? He added 308 yards and 5 TDs on the ground last season for the Tar Heels.

His accuracy and athleticism sticks out on the tape right away. And his pocket awareness and ability to extend plays puts him in a special category. Along with all that, his arm strength is considered “well-above average.” Overall, his intangibles put him on a different level than the other QB’s.

Everyone has flaws. And for the Ohio native, it’s his inexperience. Only thirteen starts in college stuck out to me and every analyst. Compared to Deshaun Watson, who started for two straight  seasons at Clemson and went to back-to-back National title games, Trubisky’s sample size is much smaller. Every pick is a risk, that is the reality of the NFL Draft. But this risk looks to be no risk to Pace.

“The only chance you get to add quarterbacks like this is when you’re picking this high in the draft and taking advantage of it. As an organization, we had conviction on this quarterback and his special attributes, and we did what we had to do to get him. His potential to be a championship quarterback…is all we focused on in this move. We feel we have the perfect environment for his development.”-Ryan Pace Thursday night at Halas Hall addressing drafting Mitchell Trubisky.

The Chicago Bears now have a new face of the franchise. A guy who will become a household name and who’s jersey will fill Soldier Field. A guy who is ready to get to work and said in his introductory press conference today in Lake Forest, IL that “I have high expectations and I will never give up.”

I am excited for the future and you should be too.


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