Predators Sweep Blackhawks in Series To Forget

Ladies and gentleman, if you didn’t feel this coming, you’re oblivious to momentum swings and how playoff hockey works. Having faith is okay and normal for being a fan, but this was due to happen.

Moving into the postseason, the Chicago Blackhawks fell asleep at the wheel. They were outworked in their last four games of the regular season, as they just waited out the period of time where they thought they could flip the switch and perform in the playoffs, per usual.

However, in Nashville’s case, it was another story. They had to grit out and fight for anything they could to make the playoffs, and once they did, it was just getting started for them. Even though they only won three out of eight games leading into the stretch, their style of play was much better than the Hawks.

Thus, leads us into this awful series for the Hawks, where they got swept for the first time since 1993. Nonetheless a reminder of the Pittsburgh Penguins slaughter of a series when the Boston Bruins defeated them in the 2013 Eastern Conference Final, only allowing two goals.

The Hawks scored three goals this series. Like that series, they lacked grit, determination, pride, and courage to play shift by shift and period by period. This has to be the worst playoff performance from the Chicago Blackhawks since 1993.

Thursday night, the Preds took full advantage of their momentum and never-ending dominance over the Hawks, defeating them and sending them home early, which didn’t seem like a possibility with a 50 win season. But hey, it’s hockey. There’s always upsets and surprising events, making it the best sport in the world.

The Hawks’ did all they could to try and win in game four, but their offensive miscues and inconsistency lead them to their doom. Desperation was at all all time high, but production was at all all time low.

Sometimes you have face the music and be left in the bitter sorrow of a playoff loss to understand how good you’ve had it in the past, regardless of how hard you’ve worked to achieve your goal. We’ve been blessed all season long with this team, but it’s hard to see that now.

Player Of The Series:

Without a doubt, the Hawks number one star has to be Corey Crawford. He was the only player in the Hawks uniform that treated every minute to be his last, and truly appreciated his job on the ice. After being blistered night after night and saving 123 shots and allowing 12 goals throughout the series, this could’ve been much worse if the Hawks didn’t have a star net minder behind them.

The last line of defense did as much as he could do, but obviously a king needs an army if he wants to win a war.

This war, however, lacked an army that could strike and a defense who could defend it’s castle.

The Hawks will have a full summer to get working on the next journey in October, where better things await.

*Cough, cough, Alex Debrincat*

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