Where is Cristiano Felicio?

Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg’s rotation continues to be a mystery.

Cristiano Felicio suffered a back injury in Toronto on March 21st. It was later classified as a bruised tailbone, causing him to miss three games. In his absence, Joffery Lauvergne slid into the rotation. And since being cleared to play against the Cavaliers on March 30th, Felicio has not seen the court.

Felicio, in his second season in Chicago, is your average big man, 6’ 9” 266 lbs. He is not a big number guy, but has been efficient with low minutes. The strong part of his game is in the pick and roll.  Dywane Wade has used Felicio to his full potential, running the pick and roll efficiently with Felicio this season.

Injuries should not be taking guys out of Hoiberg’s rotation. While Hoiberg has said he plays the “hot” hand, Felicio should not be sat for injury.   Lauvergne has not played awful, but Felicio has to get back on the floor. He is a more productive rebounder and a better rim protector.

Lauvergne, who came over in the Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott traded to OKC, can shoot from long range, which gives the Bulls more of a versatile  lineup from their reserves. I do not mind Lauvergne getting the minutes he does, but I do not want him replacing Felicio completely. Felicio has been consistent all season, and the staff and GM Gar Forman like Felicio (he is part of the core ).

The Chicago Bulls journey to solidify a playoff spot continues in Philadelphia on Thursday.


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