David Ross “Bust a Move” in Episode two of Dancing with the Stars

 In episode two of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars Monday night, David Ross put forth another strong showing.  

Ross, the first ever professional baseball player on the show, danced the “cha-cha” with partner Lindsay Arnold to “Bust a Move” by Young MC

“I’m always preaching to my kids to try new things…It’s okay to fail, Ross said in a sit-down interview.  And this (Dancing with the Stars) is that for me. An example that dad will try something that he is definitely not good at and he may fail in front of millions of people but he’s going to do his best and try.”

Ross and Arnold received a score of 27 points  out of 40, one point less that last week’s performance to the song “Go Cubs Go”. “You need to work on your footwork because you’re a little pigeon-toed,” one judge said after the Monday night dance. “But in baseball terms, I’m sure you’re past second base, headed for third.”

Even though he may be a longshot to win the competition, Ross is holding his own. The crowd has loved him through two dances, and when he got critiqued Monday night,  the boo birds were in full effect. “To be the first baseball player on Dancing with the Stars is really humbling, Ross says.” It speaks to the guys I’ve been around with on the Cubs that they put me on this pedestal.”

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