Bears sign Mark Sanchez, add depth at QB

The Chicago Bears have signed former Cowboys QB Mark Sanchez to a one-year $2 million dollar deal with $1M guaranteed.

Sanchez, 30, served as the backup to Dak Prescott in Dallas last season. The former New York Jets starter threw two interceptions on just 18 attempts in two games for the Cowboys.

While he only saw the field for a very short time, Sanchez was a mentor to rookie Prescott. The USC product embraced his role and seemed to be a very positive impact on Prescott.

So what is he doing in Chicago? This move is mainly a depth move and more arms going into camp. GM Ryan Pace has named Mike Glennon the Bears starting QB, and the staff like Connor Shaw, who is maybe already penciled in as the backup. Plus, the Bears still need a franchise QB so drafting one is a guarantee.

Sanchez is another brain in the QB room. He seemed at be a positive guy for the Cowboys last season and that could be the case for the Bears. Could he stick around past pre-season and mentor the rookie? Sure. And there is no problem with that. But if the Bears decided to let him go, that is no problem either for the contract is very minimal in value.

There were a lot of people troubled by this move. There is no reason to be. Sanchez is no way in line to appear in a game next season. If anything, his value will be another mentor to the rookie while in street clothes on the sideline. But if this move somehow, very unlikely, changes the Bears in drafting a QB, people will be out of a job.

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