We The Fans – A New Bears Documentary

Today it had been reported (information from Variety) that ESPN will be creating a new documentary on the Chicago Bears fans, and their journey through the 2016 season. This will follow up their successful production, OJ: Made in America, and is planned to premier in April 11th.
The name of the documentary is known as We the Fans, and the participants will be a diverse selection of season ticket holders as they explore their experience in the miserable 3-13 Bears season. According to Variety, this will be broken down into eight episodes and will contain a lot of extra features accessible online to fans which include podcasts, photo galleries and more video content.

It was also reported that these various Bears fans have been chosen based on recommendations from the franchise as well as their past involvement with being a Bears fans. So its not just fans they chose randomly, it’s based on how they relate with the Bears themselves.

So…why? Why is this a thing? Are we supposed to want to see this? Do Bears fans really want to relive the awful 3-13 season? What makes this interesting to other people? People loved the 30:30 film on the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Bears because that was a historically good team with a lot of personality…football fans were intrigued. Just seems like such a drop from the complex case of O.J. Simpson to…the 3-13 2016 Chicago Bears…

I probably will end up watching some of it, but not sure how much I will want to. This is where the Bears have come to, documentaries about sucking. There is another fanbase in this city you could easily document from 2016, but, what can you do. We shall see how it turns out I suppose.

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