Blackhawks Are Staying Hot At The Right Time

With the Chicago Blackhawks 2-1 win over the Ottawa Senators Thursday night, they’ve now won ten of their last eleven games and have taken the number one seed in the central division with three points ahead of the Minnesota Wild.

With twelve games remaining on the schedule, the Hawks are in a stellar spot heading into the final stretch.

Unlike last season, where the Hawks struggled to provide goals throughout the line-up heading into their first round matchup versus the St. Louis Blues, which eventually costed them a 3-1 series deficit, they’ve found an extraordinary rhythm to their game that they failed to find for the most part of their season.

Multiple star players were having a tough time finding their game in the months leading up to January, where they faced their worst struggle all year, barely going .500. Now, that’s all forgotten and they’re on a freight train thats storming into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Goaltenders are hot, which is crucial to have 100% trust in both goaltenders heading into the scrum of a playoff season, stars like Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Artemi Panarin, and Marian Hossa are soaring with confidence and rhythm, defensive pairings are starting to cement, and we’ve finally hit that stride where nearly anything is possible.

No one would have thought the Wild could have been chased to their core and lose the first seed in the west, but the Hawks demeanor and experience proved that wrong.

Nothing is impossible when it comes to this team.

If they keep a high mentality and reach for the stars for the next month or so, this playoff year might last more than a couple weeks, unlike last year.

Get ready to grow some hefty playoff beards, lads.

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