Mike Glennon: The New Face of the Bears

In my earlier article about Bears quarterbacks, I listed Mike Glennon as the guy I would have liked to see suit up for the Bears.

I got my wish. The Bears inked Glennon for 3 years for 45 million. Like it or not, Glennon is a Bear.

Because I have not gone into much depth into any of the quarterbacks I listed, I am going to look at the strengths and weaknesses of our new gunslinger.


First of all, this contract is extremely well put together. It is $19M guaranteed, and most of that coming in year one. So big picture, its basically a one-year deal.  It allows the Bears to shop other options, afford bigger free agents, and let Glennon go if he does not prove to be what his potential predicts.  Glennon could be outstanding. He has been compared to Eli Manning, which may not seem awesome until you realize Eli is the guy that silently owns two rings and is the only QB to beat Tom Brady.  Glennon has the height (6’6”) and the pocket presence that enable him to find the open passer. His accuracy was among the highest ranked in his games played two seasons ago, and his arm is one of the stronger ones in the league.  Glennon is a traditional pocket QB, which fits the Bears offensive scheme. Unlike the new “run and gun” style that has swept half the league by storm, the old fashioned schemes cant’t seem to be beat (See last two Super Bowl QBs).  Glennon while not being a star yet, has the potential to do so, and is going to be in the driver’s seat of his future come next season.


Glennon’s main weakness is his mobility. Glennon can move about as fast as Tom Brady, which is all you need to know to realize the Bear’s O-Line is going to have to be stellar at blocking their man come late summer.  His mobility is an issue and to add to it, his inexperience will be a problem this year.  The Bears are in somewhat of a mediocre position. They might be a rebuilding team but then they’ve made smart moves in free agency, creating a lot of competition, mainly at cornerback.  If Glennon is the future(highly unlikely) his inexperience could be his downfall.


I think Glennon is going to show Chicago what he can do. He is no legend, but he has had time to develop and he noted that in his press conference at Halas Hall last week. I am going to predict he goes for around 20 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, with around 3,000 yards.  I know the Bears are going to heavily rely upon Jordan Howard and the run game in general. But if Kevin White can stay healthy and new comers in Markus Wheaton and Kendall Wright can be relied on, Glennon could have a good season in Chicago.

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